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Wantable Teams Pay It Forward with Random Acts of Magic (& you can too!)

Post by Wantable Staff

Girl with a yellow shirt flies a kite to pay it forward

It doesn’t take much to spread positivity and pay it forward. Small gestures like donating blood and babysitting can make all the difference and create a ripple effect of kindness. Here at Wantable, team members are working together to pay it forward and bring joy to our community through our Random Acts of Magic project.

We invite you to join our Random Acts of Magic project!

Here’s a quick list of simple ways to pay it forward:

  1. Make a donation to charity
  2. Organize a community clean-up
  3. Plant a city garden
  4. Help someone carry groceries
  5. Donate lightly-used clothing
  6. Pay for someone’s coffee
  7. Mow a neighbor’s lawn
  8. Plan a picnic for someone
  9. Send a loved one a letter
  10. Volunteer at a food bank
  11. Babysit for a friend for free
  12. Cook a dinner for your family
  13. Plan a self care day for you!
  14. Offer to wash someone’s car
  15. Send a random care package
  16. Walk dogs at a local shelter
  17. Make care kits for shelters
  18. Support a local business &…
  19. Leave them a great review
  20. Volunteer at a nursing home
  21. Leave a note for the mail carrier
  22. Donate blood at a drive
  23. Bring your coworkers donuts
  24. Become a youth mentor
  25. Tutor a student in need
  26. Bake a treat for neighbors
  27. Lend some books to friends
  28. Donate school supplies
  29. Donate coffee to a hospital
  30. Pay a friend a compliment
  31. Donate coloring books

You’re invited to pay it forward and join our Random Acts of Magic movement! Share pics on social and tag @Wantable.

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