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The Best Exercise Apps: From Beginners to Fitness Fanatics

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While many of us are dutifully trying to decrease our phone usage, I have to admit there is one area that I am proud to log some extra screen time in: exercise apps. I have several on my phone right now and they have totally helped motivate me to workout harder and longer while adding some much-needed variety to my fitness routine. There are loads of exercise apps out there for just about every goal under the sun, but these 5 make it to the top of my list because they are effective (and fun) for any fitness fanatic.

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App Store Rating: 4.5 Stars / 15K Ratings

Monthly Cost: $19.99

Best For: Women-Focused Fitness

Of all the exercise apps I’ve collected screen time over, this one has gotten the most use. Sweat has multiple programs that help women get on a workout plan that suits them. That’s right, it’s made just for women! I am on week 20 of PWR (power) which gives me workouts I can do at the gym without the steep price of a trainer. I also love BBG (Bikini Body Guide) because it’s so easy to do from home. The best part? BBG workouts are usually 28 minutes whereas PWR can take 55 minutes to complete.

30 Day Fitness:

App Store Rating: 4.1 Stars / 30K Ratings

Monthly Cost: $9.99

Best For: Fitness Beginners

Simple to use and refreshingly customizable, this app is perfect for someone that would like to begin exercising but doesn’t know where to start. All workouts can be done from your own home so it’s super convenient. My favorite part is that you can customize your own program by choosing workouts for the core, butt, legs, etc. based on your personal goals. I also love that workouts progressively become more difficult as you go so you will never hit a workout plateau.

fitness apps

Fit Body:

App Store Rating: 4.3 Stars / 126 Ratings

Monthly Cost: $16.99

Best For: Customized Training

Anna Victoria has 1.2M followers and has helped thousands of women on their fitness journey with her Fit Body Guides and now her Fit Body app. This app has three workout programs suited to each type of training. ‘Shred’ is all bodyweight, high-intensity workouts designed to shed fat, ‘Tone’ is a dumbbell based program with a 50/50 focus on both toning and fat loss, and ‘Sculpt’ is the gym-based strength training program designed to sculpt lean muscle.

Asana Rebel:

App Store Rating: 4.6 Stars / 25.6K Ratings

Monthly Cost: Free (In-App Purchases)

Best For: Strength Training

This app has been the perfect compliment to my strength training as it adds balance and flexibility to my workouts with hundreds of modern yoga workouts from fat burn to strength. My favorite part about this one is that it offers mini-sessions that are great for busy schedules or adding 10-20 min of stretches to the end of any workout.

Down Dog:

App Store Rating: 4.9 Stars / 60.1K Ratings

Monthly Cost: Free

Best For: Yogis

If you want to start building your yoga practice, this is a fantastic app to get you there. Choose from 7 different voice options, input your ability level and how much time you have, then get practicing. You can also choose from 12 different practice areas to sharpen a particular area or just rotate through them all.

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