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3 Steps to Being Happy & Heart-Healthy

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Every week I get together with my friends to watch the Bachelor. Usually, we just use it as an excuse to hang out, catch up and be entertained. Okay, and eat tons of delicious food. Appetizers, dips, dessert, you name it. Don’t get me wrong. I love having a fun night with my friends and snacking on all those yummy treats. But, every night after it’s over, I have to focus on getting back to feeling like myself. What I didn’t know after watching last week’s episode, was that it was the start of the first full week of American Heart Month. After indulging all evening, I realized I really needed to focus on cardio health and the many benefits caring for my heart has on my overall well-being. Here are 3 ways to help you start on your path towards a healthier you.

american heart month: yoga
Yoga is a heart-booster as well as a healthy stress outlet.


I always try eating a well-balanced diet because fruits and veggies help me keep my cholesterol and blood pressure down, but sometimes it’s tough. I usually go a million miles a minute, so it can be tempting to cheat on my health from time to time. Keeping a few protein bars or bananas around the house helps me stay on track and snack healthy.

american heart month: running

Running increases circulation & seriously strengthens your heart muscles.


After reading a little more about heart-related symptoms, I didn’t even think about the effect it could have on my hair. Hair relies on blood flow to the scalp, delivering nutrients and oxygen to follicles which, in turn, help it grow. While natural, hormonal hair loss can be treated by a daily hair loss pill, a sudden loss could be an early warning sign of heart complications. Since learning that, I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for thinning clumps. If need be, I can ask my doctor about it and find a solution that works for me.

american heart month: weight training

Reduce the risk of heart-related issues by giving weight training a try.


Kicking it into gear and pushing through a workout is tough, especially when I’m motivating myself through a winter workout. Keeping active helps me stay at a healthy body weight which inherently protects me from heart-related issues like high blood pressure and heart disease. Sometimes I like working out with a friend to help me push myself—and it’s just a lot more fun!

A lot of this I already do because I enjoy it. Now that I understand all the benefits it has on my overall well-being, I’m going to focus even more on loving my heart so that it loves me back!


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