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How to Unwind: 3 Smart Ways to Reduce Stress & Take It Easy

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Let’s face it—we live in a world full of stress. From continually feeling the pressure to pack our days with work, errands, chores, and somehow squeezing time for a personal life, the concept of taking it easy seems easier said than done. But—in case anyone hasn’t told you—you are so deserving of taking a moment (or a million) to unwind and we’re here to help you do it. Here are 3 smart ways to reduce stress and take it easy.

take it easy: blue joggers

joggers | bra

1. Forgo the FOMO

Yup, that’s right. Ditch the fear of missing out and embrace JOMO—the joy of missing out. Consciously trade the self-doubt for self-care and throw on some comfy clothes (um, have you seen the fantastic joggers above?) and be content with a night in. There are always going to be things going on, and it’s totally okay to take a night off from the bustling world.

take it easy: camo joggers

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2. Do Nothing

At first, this might seem really hard. The important thing is to forfeit the idea that doing nothing equates to laziness. So not true. Grab a cozy outfit (this post is full of inspo), completely unplug and take it easy. Doing this regularly does wonders for your mental, emotional, and physical health. When is the right time to do nothing? Pay attention to your stress signals. You’ll know best when you need it the most.

take it easy: black joggers

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3. Get Rid of Guilt

Set aside that to-do list, use that PTO you’ve been saving up for a vacay, or take a “me” day. We’re so used to always working or being on-the-go that when you take some time to yourself, it might be hard to relax at first. We—as, you know, humans—need breaks, and there’s no need to feel guilty for taking them. So snag your favorite athleisure, set aside that laptop, hide your phone, and kick back and relax you superstar, you.


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