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World Kindness Day: Ways to Be Kind & the Stories That Stick With Us

Post by Wantable Staff

In celebration of World Kindness Day, we asked our employees to share acts of kindness that have left a lasting impact. It’s amazing how actions that might seem so small at the time can make the biggest impression. You never know the struggles that one person may be facing! With a few easy tips on ways to be kind, you may just make someone’s day. We hope these stories inspire you to spread your very own acts of kindness today and every day.

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Hand Out a Kindness Card

“The first time I met my friend Schuyler, he handed me a business card that said, “You are awesome.” I thought it was cute, if not a little strange, but he continued to make these little cards, which he calls Kindness Cards, and give them to friends, strangers, pretty much anyone he met. They have encouraging and uplifting affirmations like “You are a gift to those you love” or “Your smile is radiant.” He ended up creating an organization called Connection Through Compassion and sends blank kindness cards all over the world. I love the way he has shown that such a small gesture can brighten up someone’s day and make a big difference. Years later, it has come to pass that strangers give him Kindness Cards, not realizing that he is the guy who started it all!”

Holly P. 

Be Kind Pro Tip #1: Send a text to a friend or a family member. It takes hardly any time and even the simplest of messages lets them know you’re thinking of them. Or, better yet, send out a handwritten card. Receiving an unexpected card in the mail is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

be kind

Share a Sweet Surprise

“One of my favorite ways to be kind is to pay for the Starbucks order of whoever is in line behind you. It’s especially fun in the drive-through because people don’t know it’s coming until you get up to the window! It’s a fun way to spread a little cheer and would recommend it to anyone looking spread some kindness this World Kindness Day.”

Lindsey T.

Be Kind Pro Tip #2: Treat someone to a cup of coffee. Surprise a friend or a coworker with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or pay for the person behind you in line as you pick up your morning cup of joe.

be kind

Pay it Forward

“My mom, sister and I were in the Starbucks drive-through on our way to visit my grandma in the hospital. We were feeling pretty down, but when we got to the window, we found out the car in front of us has paid for our order! We said we wanted to pay it forward and the employee told us we were the 5th car to keep it going. It was such a difficult day and that small act of kindness made such a huge impact! The car behind us even honked and waved.”

Lindsay U.

Be Kind Pro Tip #3: Give a compliment to a coworker or a friend—or a stranger! You never know how much of an impact you could make by simply complimenting their outfit, sharing your favorite thing about them, or noticing their hard work.

Stand Up for a Stranger

“I noticed a woman online who was receiving a lot of bullying from complete strangers. I didn’t know her, but I sent her a private message to remind her to stay strong. Her positive outlook was so important for other women out there! She replied saying how thoughtful and encouraging it was in space that becoming cluttered with negativity. We became Instagram friends and it’s great to see her pop up on my feed as a friendly reminder that taking a few minutes to reach out made a lasting impact.”


Random Act of Kindness: Go slightly outside of your comfort zone once a day to try and make someone around you smile. Hold the door for someone, offer to help carry something, or leave an encouraging post-it note in a random spot.

be kind

Support & Encourage

“My fellow mom girlfriends and I went out to brunch to have a nice morning catching up over coffee. To our surprise, the gentleman sitting next to us paid for our breakfast! Afterward, he just asked that we pay it forward when the opportunity arises. It left us feeling in awe and extremely grateful. Random acts of kindness make the BIGGEST impact. You never know whose day you will make brighter because you went out of your way to be kind.”

Danielle K.

Be Kind Pro Tip #4: Make kindness a choice and bring it to the forefront of everything that you do. Give up your seat when others are standing, let somebody merge on the busy highway, or make a donation. Be kind daily and it will begin to feel natural and bring you a sense of peace.


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