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Why has my order been selected for pre-authorization?

Wantable uses a variety of criteria to determine which orders should be pre-authorized based on the likelihood that they could be fraudulent. It is primarily for your protection to ensure that the order is an authorized use of your card.

What happens if my pre-authorization fails?

If the card on file is declined when we attempt pre-authorization, we will contact you via email to let you know, and you will be given the opportunity to add a different card to your account. If we are unable to successfully pre-authorize your card, your order will be canceled and any applicable styling fees will be refunded back to your card.

When will the pre-authorization be released?

The pre-authorization amount of $100 will be released immediately by Wantable. The amount of time that it takes for it to become available on your card depends entirely on your bank or card provider but is typically done the same business day.

It’s been a full day and the pre-authorization has not been released yet. What should I do?

Wantable releases the pre-authorized amount immediately, but if you’re seeing a delay in the funds becoming available, please contact your bank or card provider. It may take them a few business days to complete the release on their end.

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