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10 Timeless Styling Tips from Professional Stylists

Post by Megan Moore

Style ruts can make outfit decisions feel like a chore. We often overthink our fashion choices while dressing for any occasion but can sometimes fail to realize that styling the perfect outfit involves basic, easy follow principles. Here are 10 timeless styling tips to help you achieve a put together look without the stress. Visit the Stream for timeless pieces to help elevate your wardrobe!

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1. Stock up on versatile basics. You’ll wear ‘em on repeat.

Basic clothing items are truly what pulls together all great outfits. Having your go to basic crop tops, tank tops, and neutral bottoms helps balance your favorite statement pieces. Consider investing in some quality basic pieces since these are worn so frequently to compliment any look. 

Wondering what to pair with your basics? Take an edgy leather bottom such as pants or a skirt and pair with a white crop top or your favorite basic bodysuit for the perfect going out look. Pair your favorite pair of high waisted jeans with a white or black ribbed tank or crop top. To dress that look down wear a ball cap and some white sneakers, to dress it up put on some heels and a few statement jewelry pieces (top with a blazer for a fall/winter look). Never underestimate a clean basic put together look!

Stock up on versatile basic pieces. 10 wantable styling tips.

2. Know your body type & fit—our stylists are here to help! 

Confidence is the ultimate key to pulling off an amazing look. If you are feeling like your clothes are not flattering for your body type it can affect your confidence. Finding what makes you comfortable and flatters your body shape can make all the difference! If you are looking for guidance on what you could wear to help compliment your shape and boost your confidence our stylists can help!

3. Streamline your accessories to a few timeless pieces.

If you don’t have your go to set of accessories we highly recommend finding a few simple necklaces, bracelets, and rings that you constantly reach for to pair with any of your looks. The simpler the better. Simple jewelry layers well with statement pieces and can be worn alone with casual looks. Finding pieces that are meaningful to you can also help bring out your personality and tell a story through your accessories.

4. Invest in items that are easy to dress up or down.

Having staples in your closet that are versatile is the best way to elevate your style. Simple dresses and quality pairs of jeans are the perfect pieces to dress up or down. You could dress up a pair of skinny jeans with a bodysuit, blazer, and strappy heels or dress up a pair of wide leg or flare jeans with a satin top.

5. Think of your outerwear as the icing on the cake.

Outerwear can sometimes be an afterthought but having a mix of both neutral and colorful trendy outerwear helps pull your outfit together. Top a dressy look with a coatigan, a casual look with a shacket, or give your look an edge with a puffer jacket. Check out our Winter Layering Essentials blog for more outerwear ideas!

6. Balance is everything. Ex: oversized top with fitted leggings.

Try this super easy rule to follow to help create a composed look. If you are wearing tight pants or shorts, pair with an oversized top. If you are wearing loose jeans or flowing pants/shorts, pair with a form fitting top. Wide leg jeans could be styled with a bodysuit. A colorful pair of high waisted skinny jeans could be paired with any flowy top (bonus tip: tuck in your flowing top to your high waisted jeans for a flattering, put together look)

7. Start with neutrals and add color or print for an extra pop.

A statement piece is meant to make an outfit shine. It is the star of the show! To help better draw attention to those fun wardrobe additions it is best to pair with something neutral in pattern and/or color. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. Buy the colors and patterns for your statement pieces that make you happy and feel your most confident.

8. Follow care instructions to make your clothes last longer.

You invest a lot of time and money into your wardrobe. After time without the proper care your clothes can lose their luster, become ill-fitting, and even damaged. Nothing is more annoying than your favorite mini dress shrinking into a shirt after laundry day! It is important to read and follow the care instructions on the tags of your clothing to help prolong the life of your clothes.

9. Create easy outfit formulas (see ya later, style ruts).

Creating an easy, go-to process when picking out your outfits can cut down your time looking for the perfect one. Always think of occasions first. If you’re unsure what to wear to a certain event or special occasion it can help to look up inspiration. Thinking of one piece that you would be excited to wear and building off of that can be a helpful place to start.

10. Most importantly—wear what makes you feel confident.

Your outfits should help your confidence shine through. It is important to have an idea of what types of clothes do and don’t make you feel your most confident. Finding pieces that bring out your confidence can take some exploring as well. Branching out can help you discover new styles that you really enjoy. This is where a styling service can be a great tool to have. Stylists can help you think outside the box and help you get out of your style rut.


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