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7 ‘Clean Girl Aesthetic’ Styling Tips

Post by Megan Moore

Clean girl aesthetic styling tips

The ‘clean girl aesthetic’ is the latest Tik-Tok trend that encompasses fashion, beauty, and home decor. Although this style is considered a trend the end result is a polished put together a look that is perfect for those who love minimalistic style. This trend is revolved around a simple, clean, and effortless style. These sleek and chic looks are far easier to achieve than they appear. Here are some styling tips to help achieve this look!

1. Opt for (mostly) neutrals

Black, white, tan, and greys are all great choices to achieve a clean look. If there is one thing you could never have too much of in your closet that would be neutral clothing of all different types and silhouettes. Having plenty of neutral options to choose from makes pulling together a stylish outfit that much easier. Pops of color here and there can still make for a very put-together look.

2. Keep it solid

 A clean girl style is all about simplicity. Keeping the fabric choices solid helps create a less busy look and makes creating a cohesive outfit far more simple than if you were to incorporate patterns.

3. Layering

Since patterns are typically a no-go to achieve the clean girl look a great way to add a little more depth and thought to your outfit is to layer with timeless, clean jacket choices. Top an outfit with a blazer or simple 90s leather jacket to enhance the outfit even more. 

4. Matching sets can be your best friend

Matching sets like a blazer and pants set are the easiest way to achieve a clean put together look with minimal effort. The outfit is already picked out and matched perfectly, cutting your prep time in half. Make it a bright color and your confidence will be beaming!

5. Have fun with shoes and accessories

We all tend to gravitate towards neutral shoe and purse options that can easily match any outfit we put together. Try bright-colored strappy heels and/or a matching bright purse to help add personality to an outfit that may be all neutrals. Add fun hair accessories to a slicked-back ponytail like rhinestone barrettes. Necklaces are usually minimalistic and rings can either be simple and small or chunkier depending upon your personal style.

6. Invest in high-quality basics

A clean girl wardrobe is built on a foundation of well-made, high-quality basics such as neutral bodysuits, blazers, wide-leg trousers, and high-quality denim. These versatile items can all be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion.

7. Keep it simple and clean

You want to make sure that your clothes are well-maintained and look their best. Using a steamer or iron to keep your clothes wrinkle-free can make a world of difference in your overall look.


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