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Mother’s Day Outfit Ideas

Post by Anja Sieger

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Hey Mama, your special day is just around the corner! Photos will be taken that will be framed and cherished for generations (no pressure) to come. Are. You. Ready? 

It’s okay, we know you clicked on this blog for a reason. Here are some tips for looking gorgeous no matter what your plans may be.

Breakfast In Bed

Wake up at your own pace (for once) and let them take care of you. If it’s a self-care day, you can let that beauty sleep lead the look with a new cozy sleep set. Post-lockdown era there are more pajama sets than ever and all of them seem to feel softer than anything made before. Fun fact: a floral pajama set counts as giving yourself a bouquet that never wilts.


If leaving the house and going to one of your favorite restaurants is more your thing (hello, clean sink and dishes!) here are some elevated options for your reservation. Nothing says “May” or “Mother’s Day” quite like a pastel dress. Pastel dresses always work well under a white cardigan or denim jacket. If you eat your brunch on the patio try layering a straw hat on top for a classic #ootd.

Another option for your brunch ensemble is a silk blouse and jeans. Flowy and fabulous satin tops will always make you feel like you’re queen for the day. But guess what— that’s exactly what you are! Finish the look with some maximalist-inspired rhinestone earrings. Or, try some long and leggy flare jeans to create some subtle mermaidcore vibes.

If mimosas are involved it’s okay to let your style do the talking with a sweet or straight-up sassy graphic tee.

Outdoor adventures

Maybe you like to slowly breathe the moment in as you take your family on a refreshing nature walk. Or perhaps you and your kids like to be a part of the action, joining in the pulse of the bustling city. Either way, it’s important to dress comfortably. Go for a pair of stretchy jogger pants and a cute crop top. If you wear a matching set, you’ll be the coolest mom yet — even if your eldest child doesn’t want to be caught admitting it.

If drizzly spring weather tries to get in your way don’t forget to top it off with a cute denim jacket (timeless) or a utility jacket for some early 2000s nostalgia.

Dinner Party

Maybe you are setting out the cold cuts and sandwich fixings. Maybe your spouse is firing up the grill. Or just maybe (if you’re like the mothers of my family) you still end up as the person who cooks the giant meal for everyone (it’s okay, it’s just a foodie’s love language thing) — these styling tips are for you, #1 hostess!

If you’re not getting too messy (maybe just pointing to where the drink cooler is) you can definitely get away with a cute dress. Floral dresses, cut-out dresses and off-the-shoulder dresses are all great options for an Instagram-worthy party.

If you’re making magic in the kitchen but you still want to look chic try a romper! Go for one with a looser fit so you can bend and move with ease. Another way to dress things up in your own home is a pair of statement earrings.

The best way to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Feeling connected with your family, friends and most importantly yourself. It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself when everyone is relying on you. You are the sun that everyone orbits around, but there will be no light if you blow out. It only takes a moment to remember what you love about yourself and why others love you. You owe it to yourself to remember that you are loved each day, not only on Mother’s Day. Need a new reminder? Here are some suggestions.

Still feeling lost on how to dress for Mother’s Day? It’s okay, decision fatigue is real and maybe you’d like one of our personal stylists to help you! The only thing you’ll have to choose is what kind of box you want: Style (for those elevated dinner plans), Active (if you want to dance in your living room) or Sleep and Body (if you want to cozy up on the couch) and we’ll take care of the rest.


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