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Cute but Comfy Clothes to Wear on an Airplane in 2024

Post by Madison Krigbaum

Looking for the best clothes to wear on an airplane for your next vacay? Don’t fret – Wantable’s team of expert personal stylists are here to bring you the cutest and comfiest outfits for flying to your next amazing destination.

Traveling is always an exciting adventure, but there’s an art to doing it comfortably and fashionably—especially when you’re up in the air. Choosing the right clothes to wear on an airplane can make all the difference between a pleasant journey and an uncomfortable one. It’s all about balancing style with comfort to ensure that you arrive at your destination feeling fresh, well-rested, and ready to start your vacation.

If you’ve got a trip on the books but aren’t sure how to dress for your flight – don’t fret. Wantable’s team of expert personal stylists have got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best options for air travel that will allow you to enjoy your flight and step off the plane ready for adventure.

Selecting travel attire isn’t just about picking an outfit; it involves considering several factors such as the duration of the flight, the climate in your final destination, and the airline’s dress code. If you’re looking to step up your travel wardrobe game, our personal stylists are providing insightful tips and expert outfit suggestions that will ensure your time spent at 30,000 feet will be as comfortable as it is chic. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into fashion-forward, but comfy, clothes to wear on an airplane.

The Best Clothes to Wear on Airplane

The pre-flight experience often sets the tone for your entire travel adventure. And while the allure of jet-setting is alive and well, it’s not without its discomforts—especially when it comes to choosing the perfect ensemble to keep you cozy at 30,000 feet. So, what’s the secret formula for a wardrobe that blends comfort with effortless style for your next airplane trip? Dive in as we, your virtual personal stylists, chart the course for the ultimate travel outfit.

Loose Loungewear

When it’s all about keeping it casual, there’s no beating loose loungewear. Our stylists love relaxed-fit, breathable tops and bottoms that double as sleepwear for long flights. Palazzo pants, oversized tunics, and boyfriend tees are not only cozy but also exude an air of laid-back confidence. For the fashion-forward traveler, consider sets in luxe fabrics like silk or modal, which elevate the casual vibe and can transition seamlessly from the plane to a trendy restaurant upon landing.

A Wantable influencer soaking up some rays in paradise in a loose-fitting loungewear look that's perfect for a long-haul flight.
A Wantable influencer wearing a comfy sweater, leggings, and earmuffs – the perfect clothes to wear on an airplane.

Workout Sets

Gymwear isn’t just for the gym—athleisure has made its mark as a travel staple for the active traveler. A good workout set in a sweat-wicking fabric provides both comfort and compression, a must for long hours spent seated. High-waisted leggings and one of your favorite open backed workout tops will keep you cool while offering some stretch. Plus, you’ll be ready for any spontaneous adventures upon arrival, whether it’s a trail hike or a yoga class to chase away the jetlag!

For those seeking a harmonious blend of style and function, Interval Activewear is our favorite choice! With its modern designs and high-performance materials, Interval pieces are both flattering and functional, perfect for tackling a cross-continental journey. Their lightweight leggings, mid thigh shorts, and versatile tops are designed for the fashion-savvy globetrotter who doesn’t want to compromise on either comfort or style at cruising altitude – why do you think our stylists are obsessed with them?

If you’re short on both athleisure and time, let us do the heavy lifting for you! Order your Active Edit today and our team of expert personal stylists will curate the perfect edit for you – and deliver it straight to your doorstep.

A Wantable influencer wearing an adorable matching red workout set with a black sling bag, hat, and sneakers.
A Wantable influencer wearing one of our favorite tie-dye sets from Interval Activewear – an awesome choice for clothes to wear on an airplane.

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Airplane cabins can be quite unpredictable when it comes to temperature. This is where layers come into play, allowing you to adjust accordingly. Start with a lightweight tee or tank as a base, then add a cozy cardigan or wrap for warmth.

For extra chilly flights, a soft hoodie is a welcome addition. Not only do layers keep you comfortable, but they also provide multiple styling opportunities once you reach your destination, giving the illusion of a bigger travel wardrobe sans suitcase bulk!

A Wantable influencer in a cozy fleece pullover and striped leggings – the perfect airplane look for any trip.
A Wantable influencer rocking a comfy and cute athleisure look before her flight.

A Matching Set

Matching sets are not just easy on the eyes—they’re also some of the best clothes to wear on an airplane. Coordinated sets in a complementary color palette or a fun print require little styling effort, but offer a put-together look that’s always travel-ready. A matching set also simplifies the process of layering and ensures that you’re comfortable without sacrificing a polished appearance on your flight. 

Our stylists love a matching set regardless of if you’re on an airplane, meeting a date, or going out to dinner with the girls! It’s the perfect way to achieve the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ with half the effort. 

A model wearing a matching sweatshirt / jogger set – the perfect clothes to wear on an airplane.

Slip-on Shoes or Sneakers

Shoe choice can make or break your in-flight experience. Opt for slip-on shoes or a cute pair of sneakers for ease through airport security and quick removal for those in-flight moments when you just need to wiggle your toes. Be sure to choose a pair that offers some support in case you have a mile-long airport walk to your gate. 

Pro tip: Choose a style that’s comfortable yet versatile enough to complement your entire travel wardrobe.

Fleece-lined slides. These are a great footwear option when selecting clothes to wear on an airplane.

Breathable Fabrics

Never forget, when it comes to clothes to wear on an airplane – the right fabric can be just as important as the right fit! 

Airplane air can be dry and recycled, which is why fast-drying, moisture-wicking materials like cotton, nylon, and linen are ideal choices. These fabrics keep you cool and dry, and they’re easy to care for should you need to freshen up mid-flight. Our expert stylists recommend avoiding fabrics like denim that can be restrictive and less breathable.

A Wantable influencer ready for her flight in a cute graphic tank and loose-fitting joggers.

Compression Socks

Long periods of immobility can cause many travelers to experience discomfort and even swelling in the legs. Combat this with a pair of compression socks or tights. Not only do they keep circulation in check, but they come in an array of fun colors and patterns, which can add a touch of personality to a neutral travel look. Remember to stay hydrated and take regular walks in the cabin to further promote good circulation during your flight!

Joggers or Pants with an Elastic Waist

While jeans are a common choice for everyday wear, they may not be the best option for a full day of travel. Instead, try a comfortable pair of joggers or pants with an elastic waistband that allows for some give.

These styles offer the comfort of loungewear with a slightly more refined appearance, making them one of our favorite options for clothes to wear on an airplane. 

A Wantable influencer in a matching soft pink jogger set and hat.
A Wantable influencer rocking a comfy tie-dye sweatshirt and shiny leggings before her flight. These are great clothes to wear on an airplane!

A Scarf or Shawl

A cozy scarf or shawl is the unsung hero of airplane accessories. In addition to keeping you warm, it can be used as a makeshift blanket or pillow during your flight – in the event of over-air-conditioned cabins. Opt for a soft, oversized scarf in a neutral color or a classic plaid for a timeless look that pairs well with any outfit. Once you land, drape it over your shoulders for a stylish, classic look. 

Model wearing a wool blanket scarf – the perfect accessory for your next flight.
Model wearing a comfy plaid scarf.

A Light Jacket

A light jacket can be your best friend when it comes to traveling. Choose a style that’s stylish but comfortable, like a bomber or chunky cardigan. It not only doubles as a blanket when draped over your legs, but also provides some wind resistance during the inevitable dash across the tarmac to your gate. Post-flight, your jacket adds the finishing touch to a casual, yet refined, look.

A Wantable influencer in a green athletic set, complete with joggers, a green puffer, and a black pullover.
A Wantable influencer in a cozy, white jacket and matching peach athletic set – the perfect clothes to wear on an airplane.

What Not to Wear on a Plane

As personal stylists, we are just as passionate about what NOT to wear on an airplane as we are about what to wear. When planning your perfect airplane outfit, keep in mind the items that might cause discomfort or simply not fit the vibe on your next trip. 

Lots of Jewelry

Don’t get us wrong – we LOVE accessories. However, while accessories can definitely elevate an outfit, too much jewelry on a plane can be cumbersome and lead to unnecessary hassles when going through security. Keep it simple with a watch and a pair of stud earrings to avoid the last-minute jewelry juggle while you rush to your gate. 

Model wearing simple silver earrings – a great accessory for your clothes to wear on an airplane.
A simple silver necklace – the perfect understated jewelry for your next flight.

Tight-Fitting Clothing

Tight clothing not only restricts circulation and can be uncomfortable during long flights, but it also isn’t the best choice for potentially fluctuating cabin temperatures. When it comes to clothes to wear on an airplane, balance is key—opt for pieces that are fitted enough not to feel frumpy but loose fitting enough to allow for movement and breathability. Instead, try flowy tank tops, loose fitting pants, and a matching tote bag for a comfy, yet cute airplane look. 

Wantable influencer wearing beige mid thigh shorts and a matching pullover – the perfect clothes to wear on an airplane.
Wantable influencer wearing a matching jogger set, leather boots, and a comfy fleece jacket.

Heels or Uncomfortable Shoes

It’s tempting to want to make a statement with your footwear, but a runway look isn’t worth it when you’re spending hours on your feet in a confined space. Leave the heels and overly trendy shoes at home and instead opt comfortable shoes designed for function and comfort – like sneakers or a pair of comfy slides. 

How to Choose the Perfect Airplane Outfit

With so many outfit components to consider, building your favorite travel look can be a bit like piecing together a puzzle. Here’s how to ensure you’re flying high in both comfort and style 👏🏼

  1. Account for your suitcase space: Your travel outfit should help free up plenty of room in your carry-on or checked bag. Layer up with your bulkiest items on the plane, like your jacket or hoodie, and avoid packing items you’ll only wear for a short time, like a heavy winter coat. Save that precious space for souvenirs or travel necessities!
  2. Consider the flight length and destination: Factor in the duration of your flight and the weather at your destination. If you’re flying from sunny California to snowy New York in the dead of winter, your in-flight outfit should include more layers and heavier fabrics to accommodate the temperature shift. Additionally, finding the perfect airplane outfit isn’t as important if your flight is one hour vs. a long-haul trip across the Atlantic. For longer flights, make sure to carefully plan out your flight essentials – like plenty of layers, in-flight slippers (so you don’t have to use an airplane bathroom barefoot 🤮), and compression socks to combat deep vein thrombosis. 
  3. Follow the airline’s dress code: While most airlines don’t have strict dress codes, it’s always a good idea to check their policy before flying. 
  4. Choose versatile pieces you’ll wear again: When choosing clothes to wear on an airplane for your next trip, select pieces that can be mixed and matched with the rest of your suitcase to maximize your travel wardrobe. There’s no point in wasting valuable suitcase space on airplane outfits you’ll only wear twice! Instead, incorporate theses pieces into your vacation outfit ideas

FAQ: What to Wear on an Airplane

What is the best outfit to wear on a plane?

The best airplane outfit is one that balances comfort with style and takes into consideration the length of your flight, the temperature on the plane, and your destination’s weather. As personal stylists, we recommend a layered look with comfortable, loose-fitting pieces made of breathable fabrics, paired with slip-on shoes or comfortable sneakers.

Should I wear leggings or jeans on a plane?

Leggings are typically a more comfortable choice for air travel because they offer more stretch and are generally made of more breathable materials. However, if you have a pair of jeans that you find incredibly comfortable and that don’t restrict your movement, they can also be a good option.

What can you not wear on a plane?

Avoid wearing clothing with metal that will set off the security alarms, and remember to conform to the airline’s dress code. Additionally, it’s best to skip items that might be restrictive or uncomfortable during a long flight.

The Edit: Clothes to Wear on an Airplane

Selecting the right clothes to wear on an airplane is as much about personal preference as it is practicality. Balancing your need for comfort and functionality with your desire to look and feel good is the ultimate goal. Whether you’re jetting off on a business trip or escaping to a tropical paradise, these travel tips and outfit ideas from our personal stylists will have you arriving in style and ready for whatever your travel adventure has in store!

For more personalized travel fashion advice, order your edit from our team of expert stylists who can curate a bespoke look just for you. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination, and a stylish, comfortable travel outfit is the first-class ticket to an unforgettable travel experience.

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