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How to Layer Your Outfit Like a Pro

Post by Jenn Wang

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again – fall is all about layering! Wearing multiple layers is great in the practical sense of having to adjust from outdoor to indoor temperatures. It’s also a great way to add fun textures and dimensions to your outfit. You may be afraid of adding too many layers for fear of looking frumpy. But if done well, layering can actually accentuate your silhouette and compliment your figure. Check out some of my best practice tips for layering this fall season!

how to layer: base layer

Step One:

Start with an underlayer and some neutral bottoms that can be paired with multiple textures and layers on top. Most of your layers should be neutral colors to avoid clashing. I love these olive slacks because they’re simple, yet trendy and pair really well with all fall colors.

how to layer: chambray shirt

Step Two:

Add a basic button-down. A chambray shirt works really well here. Plaid, stripes, and polka dots can add some fun patterns to your ensemble as well. Make sure to leave your button-down untucked! We want the bottom to be visible under your next layer.

how to layer: knit sweater

Step Three:

Play around with different textures and fabrics with your layers! It’s best to incorporate a mix of textures, as too many of the same fabrics can look heavy and add unwanted weight to your look. Layer a neutral sweater or cardigan over your button-down, cuffing the sleeves of your button-down over the sweater for added dimension. A basic colored sweater here works great as well to complement a more colorful or patterned button-down layer underneath.

how to layer: tweed blazer

Step Four:

Heading to work or just stepping out into the cold? Add a light blazer on top of your sweater to look work-ready chic while also staying extra warm.  Cuffing your sweater over the jacket adds the same extra dimension I mentioned above. But un-cuff your button-down from the sweater first! Three layers of cuffing are probably too overwhelming.

how to layer: accessories

Step Five:

Don’t forget to accessorize! A cognac bag pairs well with all neutral colors and a statement necklace adds some extra pizzazz to glam it up.

how to layer: scarf

Step Six:

Finally, a fun patterned or animal print scarf top is a must. A bare neck in cold weather is a travesty! I love a leopard print scarf because the warm tones of the leopard print go so well with fall colors like cognac and olive.

And there you have it! Take these tips to your closet and find ways to layer this autumn without adding 50 layers of bulk. Have fun staying warm in the cold weather without sacrificing style!


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