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Our Favorite Workout Outfits for Outdoor Activities

Post by Bethann Wagner

September 22 is Car-Free Day and as a frequent pedestrian in a non-pedestrian city (L.A) I have all the feels about this. My husband and I share one car which he typically takes to and from work and I navigate my day-to-day with the two kids primarily on an electric box bike. We mix it up with a little help from scooters, skateboards, running, walking, or regular bikes. Anything to make running around town with two kids and no car a little easier! All these different means of transportation give us great exercise—I log 15,000 steps daily on average! Not to mention, it’s way better for the environment. Certainly, getting around this way is a little sweatier and it definitely means my wardrobe isn’t what it used to be when I was driving to my corporate job every day. However, I’ve discovered the best outfits for a few of my favorite outdoor activities that help you go green and get moving!

outdoor activities: running


Clearly, I love outdoor fitness. Some days, when I am lucky enough to get a little more time outside, I love to go for a run in the evening. Running in the evening ensures the UVA and UVB rays aren’t too intense! Nothing beats a nice long run to cleanse the mind and the body. It’s energizing, cathartic and it’s less time consuming than heading to the gym. Plus, running outside will leave you drenched with sweat which is just so rewarding sometimes. Given that, I do love to run in leggings and a sports bra. If you’re running during the day, a healthy dose of sunscreen and a sports bra allows for some Vitamin D to enter the body without the sun damage.

outdoor activities: biking


Going on a bike ride is a quick and easy way to run your errands or hit up your favorite spots in town. Don’t have one? Check out rental options in your city! When I go biking, I wear workout leggings and a top either a sweatshirt like this Spiritual Gangster one or a similar tee if the weather is warmer. I’ve tried real pants and the bike chain ate them (I know—they were too loose). It was a sad, sad day but wearing leggings has helped me ensure that it never happens again.

outdoor activities: walking


If we’re not going far we get moving on foot. Morning coffee from the local coffee shop and my newest responsibility—walking the dog—ensures I walk quite a bit every day. I love seeing new things around LA this way. I feel like I discover things I would never see on my bike because I am so focused on bike safety. Those electric bikes go about 15 mph, which in LA, can be faster than cars during rush hour! For my walks, I’ve been throwing on a comfy and versatile top paired with bike shorts. Bike shorts are both trendy and comfortable making them a win-win!


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