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6 Summer Fashion Trends of 2024

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Summer 2023 fashion trends

We’ve been chatting with our personal styling experts about which summer fashion trends are worth the hype. Among the experts, there’s a general consensus: explore your personal style. It’s not about following trends, but about participating in trends that spark your interest — and then making them your own. 

There’s something for everyone in this year’s popular summer fashion trends that range from playful and flirty, dramatic and chic, to classic and practical.

But let’s be real, not every trend that struts down the runway is cutout for the everyday hustle — Yes, corsets and sheer dresses, I’m side-eyeing you! With that said, here are the hottest most-likely-to-actually-try fashion trends of the szn.

Sunset Shades

While winter 2024 was all about a muted color palette, summer 2024 is all about those sunset hues. Think dusky skies, soothing oranges, radiant yellows, mesmerizing purple twilights. Wear these shades mixed or matched, or style with whites and neutrals to let those shades pop. Embrace the captivating colors and serene beauty of sunsets through your fashion choices. Warm and dreamy hues, flowing silhouettes and nature-inspired prints will evoke the magic and tranquility of summer nights.


Fashion has officially entered peak Barbiecore era. It’s a vibe. It’s an attitude. Dressed up or down, from bold shocking magenta to soft blush, this trend is whatever you pink — open to interpretation, just like the iconic doll herself. Embrace the essence of femininity with tulle skirts, embellished tops and lace details that will transport you to a magical ballroom. Mix and match with tailored blazers, cropped cardigans and statement accessories for a playful yet sophisticated look that embodies the Barbiecore spirit. Shop our new Barbiecore Collection.

Quiet Luxe

Quiet Luxe embraces a sense of calm confidence and sophisticated simplicity. Look for high-quality fabrics, clean lines and pared-down color palettes styled with attention to textures, tones and accessories. Think sleek, well-tailored pieces that drape and skim the body without excessive embellishments or flamboyant details. Subtle architectural shapes, such as A-line dresses, wide-leg trousers and structured blazers create a refined and sophisticated aesthetic.

Summer Black

Black is renowned for its versatility and the aura of chic sophistication it brings to any outfit. The summer black clothing trend breaks the conventional norms of summer fashion, allowing you to embrace the allure of this timeless hue in a season typically filled with vibrant colors. With its elegance, versatility and undeniable sophistication, black becomes the ultimate expression of style and confidence in the summer heat. So, step into the world of summer black, experiment with textures, accessorize boldly and let your enigmatic side shine through as you redefine summer fashion with this chic and unexpected trend.


Channel your inner duchess with the Regencycore fashion trend. While Regencycore fashion is rooted in history, it can be adapted to suit a modern everyday style. Opt for high-waisted skirts or pants paired with flowy blouses, or embrace the romanticism with empire-line dresses for special occasions. Incorporate soft, feminine accessories like ribbon-tied headbands, cameo brooches, vintage florals, puff sleeves or delicate gloves to complete your Regency-inspired look.


This is the year coastal cowgirl got cool. Fringe, denim, vintage graphics, bandana prints, cowboy hats… you don’t need a horse to ride this trend. Combine cowgirl-inspired pieces with contemporary items to create a fusion of rugged charm and urban sophistication. Cowgirl style captures the essence of independence, resilience and a longing for wide-open spaces.

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