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A Guide to Dopamine Dressing: Styling Outfits to Improve Your Mood

Post by Anja Sieger

Great news, a bright, colorful spring is just around the corner! So why the long face? Got some blues leftover from the pandemic or stuck in a never-ending winter? Establishing new neural pathways (a.k.a daily joy) requires daily practice and intention. It’s unrealistic to take a long bubble bath or get a massage every day. Thankfully there is an easier option with “Dopamine Dressing,” a self-care technique that’s trending worldwide.

What is it?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps us to feel pleasure. Therefore, “dopamine dressing” is wearing bright colors, mixed patterns and textures to kick out those blahs. It is dressing for you and anything that boosts your mood. Rebelling against negative self-talk and finally dressing like the woman you always wanted to be back when you were four. Oh, maybe you’re not ready to be seen in rainbow tutus? Let’s break this down into six easy steps.

Just Vibes Velvet Duster in Gold, Rainbow Sequin 3Q Sleeve Top in Rainbow

Step 1. Try a pop of color.

Find a purse or accessory in a color that makes you feel happy when you see it. You will get a continual flow of good chemicals every time you notice it in the mirror.

Step 2. More color.

If the high eventually wears off when you put on your brightly colored accessories, get a little more daring with some matching sets or even neon clothes!

Over time you will feel more and more empowered. You might become tempted to try wearing two or more bright colors simultaneously but stop yourself because you wonder, “Is this actually a good idea?” It is! The likes only increase when you post a big colorful selfie— a truth I know from years of personal experience. Still nervous? Play some of your favorite dancing music and move to it before leaving the house. This will get you out of your critical mind and into the groove of what your body feels best in.

Step 3. Texture

Ignite all your senses by adding pieces with texture or movement to your #ootd. Think fringe, tassels, sherpa, velvet, lace, sheer tops, faux leather or statement earrings that dangle and echo the movement of your head. Got some feathers? Braid one or two into your hair!

Step 4. Lively prints

Nothing feels more party-worthy than an eye-catching print! Make every day a celebration just by wearing a pair of printed leggings. There’s no reason to hold off from the fun— your life is now. Wanting more boho style? Layer floral tops with floral skirts. Feeling that retro style? Red and white stripes go great with black and white stripes.

Step 5. Sequins and metallics

Work some serious thrill into your ensemble with the shimmering magic of sequins. Sequins have only one purpose in life—making sure you stop the show. If heading to the office consider a sequin blazer or an elevated sequin skirt. Attending poker night with the gals? There’s no such thing as too much glitz. Go with that sequin jumpsuit or those comfy sequin pants.

If sequins feel just a bit more than you’re ready for, or you simply want another way to shine, go for the metallic or lurex fabrics when heading to the closet.

Step 6: Forward layers

If you regularly struggle to feel inspired when getting dressed get a few statement layering pieces like moto jackets, blazers, long cardigans, kimonos, ponchos, bomber jackets or faux fur anything. Then, even when you have only solid pieces underneath you can channel that maximalism trend— without a drop of effort.

Still needing more guidance on how to dress for increased happiness? Our personal stylists can help. Order a Style Edit to begin. Dopamine dressing isn’t just for social gatherings either. Spark joy without leaving the house with our Sleep & Body Edit.  You can even bring those positive vibes to your workout with our Active Edit.


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