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Wantable: New Look, Same Mission

Post by Wantable Staff

“We measure success by the happiness of our customers.
If our customers are happy, the rest will follow.”
– Jalem Getz, founder & president

You deserve a style experience that’s all about you. While our look has changed (we hope you love our snazzy new logo and fonts as much as we do), what hasn’t is our #1 priority: you! Your happiness inspires everything we do, and our rebrand is all about recommitting to our customers and living by our core values: inspiration, individuality, and empowerment. We are truly honored to have you be a part of our big ol’ family and we’re excited to share more with you about our reimagined branding. Keep your eyes peeled for an email series taking a peek at how our employees live these values (which are just a few of many) on a day-to-day basis to make sure we’re always exceeding your expectations.



One size doesn’t fit all. When we started Wantable, we set out to create a completely personalized retail experience unlike any other. The people above are real Wantable team members. From really talented stylists to super smart data scientists, they represent just a tiny portion of all the people working every day to send you amazing products you’ll love. Every day they put your feedback into action; your happiness is the only goal that matters.




We’re tech-savvy, not tech-obsessed. Over the years we’ve learned that curating an Edit is both an art and a science. Your totally human stylist puts their heart and soul into interpreting your quiz data. It’s about more than just a great fit and the right colors. Our goal is to inspire you with every Edit.




We are committed to continuously learning all about you, your life and your goals so your Edits get better every time. Whether you’re seeking inspiration or just trying to make life a little easier, we truly thank you for being a part of our community. Seriously, you’re the best! We hope that each Edit continues to be a fun and inspiring experience. Oh, and pop over to to check out our new look—we can’t wait to hear what you think!

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