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The Best Workout Clothes for Weight Training

Post by Katie Reyes

We’ve come a long way since the days when a cotton tee and saggy shorts were the standard gym class uniform. (We’ve learned. We’ve grown. We’ve survived the trauma of taking a dodgeball directly to the face.) Now, we understand that what we wear for a sweat session can make or break our workout. It’s hard enough to squat and lunge and lift weights—doing so with loose pants or an unsupportive sports bra just makes it even harder. (Ain’t nobody got time for that.) So how do you find the best workout clothes for weight training? Well, I’ve got a few tips…

best workout clothes for weight training

1. Breathability is key.

Pick clothing made from fabrics that breathe and wick away sweat, because I guarantee you will be sweating during any good weight training session. Mesh-detailed pieces are great because they provide additional airflow. A breezy, open-back top is also a great option to you keep cool as your body temp rises.

best workout clothes for weight training

2. Move, move, move!

I always do the “squat test” when I try on a pair of new leggings. If they pass the test and can move with me in any crazy position, they’re keepers. Weight training incorporates a lot of slow and controlled movements, so stick to spandex and other items that are comfortable and easy to move around in. You don’t want to feel constricted or limit your range of motion. After all, your clothing should work for you, not against you!

best workout clothes for weight training

3. Pick durable clothing.

You also need clothing that can endure a tough workout, because weight training involves repetitive movements that may cause friction between your clothes and the equipment you’re using. You want to make sure your clothes can withstand anything you put them through, so invest in quality pieces. And if you do happen to tear a hole or wear out a piece of clothing, consider yourself a beast.

best workout clothes for weight training

4. Get the support you need.

Make sure that whatever clothing you’re wearing, you’re well-supported. Good form is crucial in weight training, and without the proper support (a structured sports bra, compression leggings, comfortable shoes) you may suffer through your workout instead of feeling energized and in control. The moral of the story: make good choices when you gear up, then get out there and lift, girl!


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