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Double Denim: 7 Crucial Dos and Don’ts

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Denim-on-denim maaay or may not be one of our favorite timeless trends. We’ll give you a hint: it definitely is. We’re obsessed with all things denim. Denim tops, distressed denim, denim jackets, colored denim, denim accessories (okay, okay, we’ll reign it in). Stepping out in a full-on Texan Tux may strike fear in the hearts of some, but we’re here to make a strong case as to why this fashion flashback is the must-try trend of the season. With these crucial dos and don’ts, you’ll be a double denim pro in no time.

double denim: dress it up

Do – Dress it Up:

>While double denim may conjure up the image of an ultra-casual ensemble, when you try it out with a denim skirt in a sleek pencil silhouette, your look can easily transition from day-to-night all while looking put-together and polished.

Don’t –  Get Too Matchy-Matchy:

Ensure that your denim is at least two shades apart. Unless your ensemble is part of a coordinated set, it can quickly go south trying to correctly piece together a monochromatic look.

double denim: play with proportion

Do – Go to the Dark Side:

Doubling down on denim doesn’t always have to mean blue on blue. Tonal mixing with black and grey is the ultimate incognito introduction to trying out this style in stealth mode.

Do – Infuse your Personality:

Seek unique elements that give your ensemble a one-of-a-kind, vintage-find feel. Denim with embroidery, embellishment, or unique distressing will truly set your look apart. Pro-Tip: Choose one piece to be the focal point of your get-up to refrain from going over-the-top.

Do – Play with Proportion:

Once you feel comfortable taking it up a notch, try experimenting with exaggerated (but balanced) silhouettes. Opt for a denim duster paired with tailored skinnies, or pair a fitted top with relaxed boyfriend jeans.

double denim: add a print

Do – Add a Pattern:

If you’re not ready for a denim ensemble from head to hem, punctuate your look with a solid tee, striped sweater, or printed scarf. Adding different textures or patterns breaks it up while remaining casual and classic.

Don’t  – Go Overboard:

We adore the effortless and care-free nature that is denim-on-denim, so it’s best to keep things simple. Try not to mix too many of-the-moment trends in one outfit.



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