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12 Fall Layering Style Tips To Stretch Your Summer Wardrobe

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When weekend adventures shift from pool parties to apple picking, you know it is officially time of year to sort through your closet and make sure you’re fully stocked up on fall layering essentials.

To make sure you’re 100% prepared for the dipping temps, we’re sharing 12 fall layering style tips that will stretch your summer wardrobe and help transition you from the toasty temps to crisp fall days.

top image: @daniellenormalea

1. Get yourself a Shacket.

If you remember one thing from this list, let it be this. Shackets are your new fall layering BFF.

For those of you asking, what is a shacket? Let us catch you up to speed. A Shacket is a mix between (you guessed it!) a shirt & a jacket. This oversized fall staple was such a hit last year, it was gone faster than a PSL cold brew on a Saturday morning. This year, the Shacket trend is back in full-force. Consider it a hero piece when it comes to fall layering! Toss it over a graphic tee or crop top to add laid-back vibes to your look.

image: @brookmillerstylist

2. Don’t bid farewell to florals.

Newsflash: Florals aren’t made for just the spring and summer. Wantable Stylist, Kimberley Kosidowski recommends pairing a darker floral print with a neutral cardigan for staying cozy while working in the office or meeting up for happy hour!

image: @tayraeamann

3. Rekindle your relationship with boyfriend jeans.

Scootch your shorts to the back of those closet drawers and make room for a beloved pair of boyfriend jeans. Think mom jeans, but broken in with some distressed details. These babes have a looser fit so you can have an extra pumpkin bar without having to undo that top button. (Don’t act like y’all haven’t been there!)

A few style tips:

  • Pair them with a body suit or front-tucked tee
  • Roll up those cuffs
  • Pair them with white sneakers or cute booties

image: @daniellenormalea

4. Add a robe to your routine.

Don’t break out your flannel pjs just yet. Your summer sleepwear deserves a stretch too! Layer a robe on top of short & tank sets… or don’t layer at all and go commando underneath! (You do you, boo.😘 ) Regardless of how you wear your robe, we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t highly recommend this Cloud Robe. It’s one of our top sellers, and we’re not surprised! It earned its name because stylists say wearing it feels like being wrapped up in a cloud.

image: @keepingkarissa

5. Cozy up in an oversized sherpa.

If you’re really feeling the hygge vibes, then it’s time to snuggle up in an oversized sherpa. What’s not to love about these hug magnets. They are oh-so-cozy and pair well with all things fall.

Style tip! If you’re a hot box who gets toasty quickly, wear a sherpa over something light-weight like a bodysuit or bralette. We also recommend keeping one at the office so you can layer up on those in-between summer and fall days, when the AC is cranking, but your outfit is still hanging onto summer.

image: @livelycraze

6. Perfect fall layering with plaid pieces.

“Plaid tops are the quintessential fall layering piece!” says Analise Rahn, Wantable Stylist. Plaid button-ups can be worn in so many ways. You can button them up and wear them solo for a fall full-send or layer them over your favorite team’s tee on game day. Plus, they pinch hit as a lightweight jacket for the fall transition!

A few style tips:

  • Toss a plaid button-up over a classic tee or tank.
  • Unbutton the last few buttons and tie it in a knot to pair with high-waisted denim.
  • Try a half tuck for an effortless style vibe.

image: @daniellenormalea

7. Don’t ditch your skinny jeans… yet.

Millenials and Gen Z have had quite the debate about whether or not it’s time to retire skinny jeans (along with side parts and the laughing emoji.) We’re not throwing in the towel just yet. In our humble opinion, there’s room for all denim silhouettes at the table. Skinny jeans, you can sit with us.

Style tip! This fall we’re really into playing with proportions! Try pairing your skinny jeans with an oversized blazer or a cozy shacket.

image: @jadelaurenm

8. Never underestimate the power of a cozy cardi.

“A cozy cardigan layered over a printed blouse makes for the perfect outfit for those chillier days at the office,” says Wantable Stylist, Christian Medina. “Grab and go on the way out of the house in the morning and throw on your favorite accessories to complete the look!”

image: @samanthaporter__

9. Graphic Tees are evergreen.

Front tuck your favorite graphic tee into high-waisted denim and layer a shacket on top for a statement look that is cute and casual.

image: @ellencarolinedale

10. Make room for moto jackets.

“Moto Jackets are my go to layering piece for fall,” says Wantable Stylist, Allysa Przybylka. “You can pair them with pretty much any top, your favorite denim, and booties!”

Style Tip! Black moto jackets have been fall staples for years. But we’ve been seeing brown moto jackets making a breakaway this year! Snatch one up to add some depth to your closet.

image: @jacmizeur

11. Leggings go with everything.

We spent the summer in taking on the world in biker shorts (you know, leggings baby cousin.) But now it’s time for biker shorts to take their seat on the bench. Leggings, you’re back in the game! These versatile wardrobe wonders are weekend warriors. Whether you’re wearing them for crisp fall morning jogs or bopping about running errands, you simply can’t go wrong. This pair of leggings (with pockets!) is a favorite among Wantable stylists.

Style Tip! I know we probably sound like a broken record at this point… but a slick pair of leggings paired with a shacket is 🔥🔥🔥 this fall. (And, no. Shackets did not sponsor this post.)

image: @viviepperson

12. Also, joggers go with everything.

Long live the era of dressing up joggers. Not only are they comfy, but they’re always flattering. And, joggers are so fun to elevate. Case in point: You can play it low-key and pair your joggers with a front-tucked graphic tee and sneakers. Or, you can kick it up a notch by swapping that graphic tee for a bodysuit & oversized blazer, and those sneakers for sleek heals.

If you’re looking for a jogger recommendation, we’re smittin’ for the Junie Jogger by Thread & Supply. We also love Back Into It Jogger by Free People.

image: @tayraeamann

There are more fall layering tips where this came from! Our stylists are on stand by and ready to curate your perfect fall Edit. Sign up for your Style Edit today!


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