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How to Dress Like Your Favorite A-List Celebrities

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Style inspiration can come from anywhere around you. Walking down the street, scrolling on Instagram, or eyeing your coworker’s cute outfit in the break room (hey, we’ve all done it). But if we had to pick our No. 1 go-to for all things fashion, it would have to be celebrities. It turns out, we aren’t the only ones that feel this way. As our stylists get to know you–our amazing customers–they’ve found that there are four A-list celebrities in particular that inspire your wardrobe on a regular basis and we can totally understand why. Take a peek below to find out which stars are stealing the spotlight in street style.

Meghan Markle

a-list celebrities: meghan markle

photo courtesy of HRH of Sussex’s Instagram

a-list celebrities: meghan markle

Meghan’s Style

The actor-turned-Duchess (#goals) has undoubtedly become one of the most famous style icons of our time. Her oh-so-chic wardrobe consisting of timeless pieces, minimal accessories and envy-inducing shoes makes it almost impossible to argue otherwise. While we can’t give you a palace, we can give you closet staples that will help you exude her classy style. Opt for ultra-tailored silhouettes, subtle prints, and polished designs to channel your inner royalty.

Blake Lively

a-list celebrities: blake lively

photo courtesy of Blake Lively’s Instagram

a-list celebrities: blake lively

Blake’s Style

We bow down to you, Blake. Her modern menswear-inspired looks are way too good not to steal. We admire her ability to push the boundaries and challenge gender norms when it comes to fashion. Have you seen her pantsuits lately?! Seriously stunning. To achieve her sophisticated and daring style, pair your favorite blazer with a casual tee and trendy pair of blue jeans. We love the tuxedo stripe running down the side to fully nail her aesthetic.

Joanna Gaines

a-list celebrities: joanna gaines

photo courtesy of Joanna Gaines’ Instagram

a-list celebrities: joanna gaines

Joanna’s Style

To be frank, we’re still mourning the loss of Fixer Upper (thank goodness for reruns). Not only do we miss the amazing reveals, but we also miss seeing which outfits Joanna would wear each episode (and going on a frantic Google search to try and find them). Her looks are approachable and, better yet, easily achievable. If you want to give your wardrobe a Gaine’s-style renovation, reach for some relaxed denim, a t-shirt and a utility jacket for the finishing touch. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

America Ferrera

a-list celebrities: america ferrera

photo courtesy of America Ferrera’s Instagram

a-list celebrities: america ferrera

America’s Style

Actress, activist, and all-around amazing woman America Ferrera exudes elegance in everything that she does, including her fashion choices. Whether she’s strutting the red carpet or owning it as a producer on set, you can often find her flattering her gorgeous hourglass figure with waist-accentuating details and v-necklines. To emulate her slightly-retro style, try out jumpsuits (with a belt or tie, of course), pencil skirts, feminine details and playful patterns.


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