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How to Mix & Match Your Favorite Spring Patterns

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Anybody that has tried to tell you to avoid mixing different patterns in one outfit is trying to instill fashion rules that are as outdated as not wearing white after Labor Day. Outfits with playful pattern mixing can be seen everywhere from the runway to your Instagram feed, to everyday street style all around you. But how’s a girl to know the rules of mixing and matching prints? Pro tip: there are no rules. You should feel empowered to mix patterns any way you’d like. At the same time, it’s hard to know where to start when you have so many different prints and styles to chose from. I’ve put together an easy guide on how to mix and match your favorite spring patterns! Check them out below.

mix and match: stripes with animal print

1. Stripes with Animal Print

Be the queen of the jungle and a speed racer with this amazing animal print top and striped trouser combo. Wearing subtle stripes with animal prints is a guaranteed way to show off your #bossladystatus. I love the long subtle stripes that run down the seam of these pants! It’s a great way to wear your favorite patterns without screaming your favorite patterns, especially when other prints are involved.

mix and match: same prints

2. Prints from the Same Family

One great way to wear patterns together is by trying out patterns in the same family. Give me floral on floral, baby! (…or polka dots on polka dots, stripes on stripes, gingham on gingham…) I recommend choosing two patterns that are from the same family that are different enough from each other to make the pattern mixing look intentional. It will help avoid looking like you tried to match perfectly, but are just kind of off. For example, the floral denim here is a completely different pattern and texture from the floral blouse. Choose stripes and polka dots of different sizes, animal prints from different animals, gingham of different colors–you name it!

mix and match: color family

3. Use a Common Color Story

A fail-proof way of mixing prints without worrying about your outfit clashing is to tie your prints together using a common color story. Wearing a specific color scheme allows your mixed patterns to blend seamlessly into one cohesive ensemble. If you’re worried about mixing different shades, stick with classic black and white. You can’t go wrong! I love this stars and stripes combo as a patriotic homage without looking like you’re literally wearing the American flag.


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