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How to Style a Denim Jacket in the Summer: 10 Outfit Ideas

Post by Jenn Wang

Behold the classic denim jacket—the closet staple that truly stands the test of time. This iconic, versatile essential can be dressed up or down through every season. There’s no question that the jean jacket is here to stay, so check out these ten outfit ideas that easily work this timeless, every-season piece into your favorite summer outfits.

Denim Jacket + Chic Dress

Dress It Up

Though denim is often associated with a more casual look, these days you can get away with incorporating your jean jacket into a dressy outfit.  Here are some summer outfit ideas for those days you want to look polished, yet practical.


Denim Jacket + Linen Dress

Wear It With…

1. A Simple Sundress
Add instant polish to airy cotton, lace, or linen casual summer dresses with the structure of a denim jacket.

2. A Boldly Colored or Patterned Maxi
Blue denim mutes the loud shades and prints often seen in maxi dresses, which can otherwise overwhelm their long lengths.

3. A Button-Up Shirt with Sleek Joggers
Roll up the sleeves of your jacket and button up for an effortless, yet dressy ensemble.

4. A Floral Blouse Tucked into a Pleated Midi Skirt
The utilitarian fabric of a denim jacket perfectly balances the girly vibe of florals and pleats.

5. A Little Black Dress:
The LBD is equally timeless and versatile, so pair it with your denim jacket when you need an easy layer.


Denim Jacket + Utility Pants

Keep Things Casual

As much as we all love denim for a laid-back look, I’m not trying to rock a Canadian Tuxedo all day, every day over here. (Google it!) So how do you wear a denim jacket when your blue jeans are typically your go-to bottoms? Here are some ways you can keep things casual without going overboard.


Denim Jacket + Chino Shorts

Wear It With…

6. Cargo Shorts and a Patterned Tee
Play with different fabrics, colors, and patterns to create endless fun, textured looks.

7. Colored Denim and a Graphic Tee
Blue denim on blue denim can be really tricky to pull off (I’m looking at you, 2001 Justin and Britney), but a blue denim jacket with colored denim bottoms is A-OK.

8. A T-Shirt Dress and Sneakers
Pairing your three easiest essentials together ensures you’ll be stylish and comfortable—the best combo for confidence and practicality.

9. A Loose Lace Cami and White Shorts
A lace cami front-tucked into shorts adds a dash of sexiness to the casual vibe of a denim jacket.

10. A cropped top and high-waisted shorts
A sliver of skin peeking out from under your denim jacket is equally appealing for hot summer days and breezy summer nights.


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