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Introducing: The Men’s Active Edit

Post by Wantable Staff

As the founder of Wantable, I’m proud to announce that we’re launching our first category for men today with the arrival of the Men’s Active Edit. Wantable will remain a female-centric brand, but we are excited to extend our offering to include men.

It’s been incredibly gratifying to watch our company grow and serve a larger and more diverse group of customers. It all began with our Makeup Collections in 2012, and we’ve steadily evolved with discovery and individuality always top-of-mind. The addition of more inclusive Style Edit and Intimates Collection size options and the introduction of our first men’s category are milestones I’m particularly proud of.

Wantable men's fitness

Brand Diversity:

As the leader in women’s fitness styling, our expertise in fabric, fit, and function will carry over well to the men’s market. I can honestly say that the personal styling provided by our Men’s Active Edit is unlike anything available today. Personally, I don’t want a closet filled exclusively with Nike, Under Armour, and lululemon. I want a diverse brand lineup, and our team has delivered. You can expect premium apparel from brands like Rhone, MPG Sport, TLF, and Richer Poorer.

Receive 7 fitness pieces hand-picked by your personal stylist.

Team Spirit:

I’m not alone in my excitement for this new category. Casey, our IT Director, can’t wait to place his first order. He said, “I’ve been at Wantable since well before we launched — almost 5 years now, and while it’s been interesting building web pages for women’s lingerie and clothing, I can’t wait to order my first Men’s Active Edit. Finally, after all this time I’ll be able to use and enjoy the Wantable experience as a customer.”

Our Marketing Director, Stuart, is just glad to be free from the mall. “I’m the type of person who passionately hates shopping — I get overwhelmed by the huge selection. However, I do enjoy discovery and finding apparel that makes me feel good. I think the Men’s Active Edit is the ideal solution to keep me going to the gym and staying active,” he said.

Wantable men's fitness

About the Men’s Active Edit:

The Edit is Wantable’s personal styling service that allows you to try before you buy. This means you get to try on 5-7 handpicked items in the comfort of your own home before paying for them. These pieces feature the latest styles and performance features from premium brands. Item prices are based on your personal preferences but usually range from $40-$70 each.

The Men’s Active Edit is a monthly subscription, but you can skip a month or cancel anytime. Currently, Edits are only available to customers in the 50 U.S. States. Men’s Active Edit customers will begin receiving their orders on a first come, first served basis starting January 15, 2017.

Wantable men's fitness

Quick Facts:

– Men’s Active Edits are available in sizes S-XL, with larger sizes coming in 2017.

– Shipping begins January 15th on a first come, first served basis.

– The $20 styling fee is non-refundable, but will be applied to your final purchase.


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