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Introducing The Sleep & Body Edit – An Intimates Subscription

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Wantable is excited to announce the launch of our Sleep & Body Edit, a lingerie and sleepwear subscription box. This new Edit features a stunning collection of lingerie items including bras, panties, loungewear, and sleepwear. Each box is handpicked by an expert stylist to give you the intimates you want – but can never find.

“Lingerie that really makes you feel beautiful is one of life’s little luxuries,” says Tiffany Cooley, Chief Marketing Officer at Wantable. “You shouldn’t have to fit into lingerie. The right lingerie should fit you. After all, everyone deserves to feel beautiful.”

The idea behind our new intimates subscription, called The Sleep & Body Edit, originated after hearing countless customers confess how challenging it was to find lingerie and sleepwear that made them feel good about their bodies.

One customer shared that their top drawer was filled with “I’ll wear it one day” items. (Something we can all relate to.)

Another customer said she wears her husband’s soccer jerseys to bed.

And another said her boyfriend’s boxers are more comfortable than her own pajamas.

These “top-drawer confessions” (aka unfiltered truths about your underwear) just kept coming.

Here at Wantable, we have always focused on styling personalized looks that fuel self-confidence. That’s why we huddled together to find a solution. There had to be a better way to help women find lingerie and sleepwear that boosts their spirits and makes them feel beautiful. And with that, the Sleep & Body Edit was formed.

“Feeling confident on the inside boosts your outer perspective on life!” says Sarah Duthie, VP of Merchandising at Wantable. “Great-fitting lingerie and sleepwear are not just comfortable, they also empower you to feel fabulous in your own skin.”

The Sleep & Body Edit gives you the kind of top-drawer experience you deserve. Scroll ahead to learn more about the new intimates subscription everyone is talking about.

What’s inside the Sleep & Body Edit?

The Sleep & Body Edit includes lacy lingerie, bras, panties, silky nightgowns, matching pajama sets, and cozy loungewear. Sizes range from XS to 3X. You can expect to find an array of styles from modest and low-key to glamorous and sexy. Some of our favorite brands include PJ Salvage, Hanky Panky, Flora Nikrooz, Richer Poorer, Blush, and Splendid.

How do you select the lingerie for each box?

The Sleep & Body Edit works just like our other Edits; You’ll take a short quiz and answer questions about your shape, taste, and budget. Then, we’ll match you up with an expert stylist. You’ll have the opportunity to share notes and feedback with your stylist about exactly what items you’re looking for.

Your stylist has access to hundreds of exquisite, top-drawer sleepwear, lingerie, and intimate items. They will use your quiz and feedback to handpick items that flatter your beautiful body and empower you to feel confident.

(Psst, if you’re still looking for more information, here’s a deeper dive on how Wantable works.)

How much does a Sleep & Body Edit cost?

You’ll pay a $20 styling fee for each Sleep & Body box you receive. Each box will contain seven lingerie and sleepwear items. You’ll get seven days to try everything on and discover new trends from the comfort of your home. Then, you’ll keep and pay for the items you love (they must be “top-drawer” worthy!) and return the rest in a prepaid shipping envelope. Speaking of shipping… It’s always free!

If you keep just one item from your box, we’ll subtract the $20 styling fee from your total. Plus, if you keep five or more items from your box we’ll give you a 20% discount on your total!

Long story short, the more items you keep from your box, the bigger your discount will be.

How frequently will my intimates subscription box arrive?

You’ll automatically be enrolled to receive Sleep & Body Edits monthly, which is our most popular frequency. However, you can update your frequency settings to come more frequently (back-to-back) or less frequently (every two months or every three months.) You can also put your plan on pause or cancel anytime you’d like.

Ready to upgrade your top drawer with a new intimates subscription?


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