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Style at Every Age: Fashion in Your 50s

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With the hustle and uncertainty of your 20s and 30s well in the rearview mirror, it’s time to focus on you. Whether you’re slowing down to enjoy the little things or embarking on big adventures, you need an easy wardrobe that helps tell your story. Fashion in your 50s is all about outwardly expressing that journey while striking the perfect balance between comfort and style. These are the pieces we love for achieving total style contentment in your 50s.

Fashion in Your 50s: White Button Up

1. A White Button Up

Polished clothing that may have looked basic in your 30s now provides a certain air of authority. Plus, you’ve learned that ease and versatility are cornerstones of a strong personal style. A classic white button up is comfortable and equally chic when paired with denim, wide leg trousers, or colorful chinos.

 Fashion in Your 50s: Colorful Chino

2. Colorful Chinos

If you were to look up “ageless style” in the dictionary, you’d find an image of the trusty, timeless chino. Combining clean lines, a flattering fit, and soft fabrics, they’re an absolute must-have for any lifestyle. Opt for a bold color (or two!), or really let your personality shine with a printed or embellished pair.

 Fashion in Your 50s: Bell Sleeve Top

3. A Subtle Trend

They say that youth is wasted on the young—we’d argue that most trends are as well. The wisdom of knowing what works best for you means that you can be choosy about the trends you try. You’ve mastered the art of editing, so rock a subtler statement sleeve with dark denim or add a bold, on-trend accessory to a simple outfit.

 Fashion in Your 50s: Lightweight Layers

4. Lightweight Layers

You deserve nice things! Upgrade your layering game with high-quality pieces that are lightweight enough to wear year-round. A semi-sheer knit made from cotton, linen, or cashmere breathes beautifully in warmer weather and is thin enough to wear under a jacket or vest through cooler months.

 Fashion at Every Age: Timeless Moto

Fashion at Every Age: The Timeless Moto

No matter how many times you’ve been around the sun, there are a few essentials that every woman needs in her style arsenal. After all, age is just a number. You’re never too old for a touch of classic cool, and a moto jacket looks completely effortless when paired with all your closet staples. Wear it with skinny jeans and a tee or black cropped trousers and your timeless white button up.

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