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4 Mom-Approved Outfits That Are as Easy as 1-2-3

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So, you’re a mom. You tackle the day without skipping a beat, manage your family’s ever-changing schedules, and somehow still find time to sleep (maybe–or was that just a blink?). No matter what your day consists of, you shouldn’t be restricted to outdated ideas of what “mom style” looks like. We’ve gathered four mom-approved outfits that go beyond the stereotypes and instantly make you a style expert.

mom outfits: windbreaker jacket

You’re the Wind(breaker) Beneath My Wings

Consider this our ode to the windbreaker comeback. Undoubtedly the style star of the season, this ’80s and ’90s inspired trend will instantly revamp your casual streetwear. Whether you’re taking the kiddos on a walk or heading out for a day of errands, just pair it with relaxed denim and a basic tank (or tee) for a style-savvy ensemble.

mom outfits: black blazer

Trail Blazer

We’ve gotta hand it to you, moms. The amount of things that you’re able to accomplish in a day is astounding. Heading from drop-off to the office to a PTO meeting calls for an outfit that can do it all. Pair a colorful chino with a boldly printed top and a black blazer for an insanely stylish work-to-wherever look.

mom outfits: t shirt dress

Eat. Sleep. Caffeinate. Repeat.

There are definitely moments when it feels like you just can’t catch a break (we’ve all been there). The last thing you want to worry about is what outfit you’re going to wear–especially if you also have little ones you have to get dressed. A simple t-shirt dress with a classic denim jacket is the perfect (and extremely comfortable) combo for those days where it’s hard to change out of your jammies.

mom outfits: moto jacket

Not a Regular Moto Jacket. A Cool Moto Jacket.

Okay, all moto jackets are cool in our opinion, but this pastel color really packs a punch. Finish your look with a printed blouse and clean black denim. Much like all of the kick-butt moms running the world, this ensemble exudes an unstoppable attitude. Concert outfit? Check. Dinner date? Check. Basically, it’s the mom outfit that does it all (just like you!).


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