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The Top Fashion Trends of 2020 According to Our Stylists

Post by Jenn Wang

Happy New Year! A new decade has begun and that means a new era of fashion trends is looming. Curious about what’s going to be big this year? Let’s turn to Wantable’s in-house fashion experts to reveal the big styles. Check out the top fashion trends of 2020 according to Wantable’s stylists.

2020 fashion trends: animal print

1. Animal Print

The ongoing animal print trend encompasses everything from snake and zebra to leopard and croc. Expect animal print to be fashion’s new neutral this year. Stay ahead of the game as Queen of the Jungle by keeping your statement animal print pieces in hand and investing in some more diverse prints to mix and match outfits.

2020 fashion trends: pleats

2. All of the Pleats

This luxe-looking trend will keep all of your outfits looking fresh and put-together. You’ll see pleats in twirl-worthy skirts, dresses, and even pants and tops. Reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s signature white pleated dress blowing up over a subway grate in the 1950s, this style is both classic and flirty—and it’s here to stay.

2020 fashion trends: color block

3. Colorblock Details

Simple, yet statement-worthy, color block details elevate any simple outfit. Don’t be surprised to see unlikely color block color combinations in 2020. Pastels are mixed with neons and primary colors for unexpected combos that make for a trendy ensemble.

2020 fashion trends: cargo pants

4. Cargo Pants

All things utility have been trending for the last couple of years, and cargo pants are most certainly part of that trend. Some days, you’ll want to put aside your denim for cargo pants, which give off a casual cool-girl vibe, while also being quite comfortable (and stretchy). The versatility of the utility trend makes cargo pants an easy staple to add to your wardrobe.

2020 fashion trends: quilted jackets

5. Quilted Jackets

How excited are you for a fashion trend that allows you to look cute in winter while actually staying warm? Quilted jackets are both in-style and insulated—proving that cozy & cute is totally achievable. The quilted texture takes any coat to the next level in style and will certainly be a must-have trend this year.


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