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Trendy Outfits for Literally Any Way You Celebrate (or Boycott) V-Day

Post by Bethann Wagner

You’ve selected the perfect gift and painstakingly planned a unique and oh-so-memorable Valentine’s Day for you and your beloved one or bestie, but then realize you don’t have a single thing to wear. Don’t fret, that last part is so not true. Of course you have things to wear. I’ve rounded up three trendy outfits that are as easy to pull together as they are cute—perfect for any way you spend your Valentine’s Day.

trendy outfits: valentines day outfit

Romantic Date Night Out

I always love a good floral wrap front blouse for romantic Valentine’s Day plans. It’s feminine, sweet and adjustable (gotta leave some wiggle room for a big ol’ piece of chocolate cake). Red and pink are obvious choices for the holiday but don’t be afraid to venture out into other pastels if those aren’t your go-to colors. Accents like fringe or ruffles can add a little bit of modern edge and femininity (work it, girl).

trendy outfits: valentines day outfit

Movie Night With the Gals

First, can I just say I am all about having a night-in with girlfriends more often? Studies have shown time with friends can be good for your health and even increase life expectancy. It’s no easy feat maintaining friendships as a busy adult–moves, children and job changes can make keeping in touch more difficult. But staying close to those that truly make an impact on your happiness can impact your health, it’s a no brainer to work them into your schedule more often. I prefer an intimate night in with the besties to a wild night out and there’s no night like movie night for relaxed denim and a casual tee. Just add a utility jacket in a romantic hue and you’ll be cozy and chic.

trendy outfits: valentines day outfit

Just Another Thirsty Thursday

Even before I had kids, I appreciated a good all-black outfit and now that black fabric easily hides what little hugs from cute, but unwiped faces may leave behind, it’s basically my uniform. Make your wine sipping Valentine’s Day date night outfit be as stress-free and chic as possible with a black moto jacket–they go with everything so make sure you get one stat if you don’t have one already–and finish your ensemble with black denim and a black sweater. Want a little more detail? Add prints and patterns to break up your look.


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