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Stylist Tips: What to Wear From Coast to Coast

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From sea to shining sea, there is a vast variety of different types of climates that influence how we get dressed each day. Deciding what to wear can become a difficult task if you’re dealing with humidity, gusty winds, or temperamental weather. Maybe even a combination of all three–looking at you, midwest ?. Whether you live on the east coast, west coast, or somewhere in between, our stylists have a few hacks for dressing for your climate.

what to wear: west coast

West Coast

If there is one thing the west coast is known for, it’s their effortless style. But the climates from the coast of Washington to sunny southern California are vastly different meaning you’ll need an outfit that works from forests to palm trees. A t-shirt and blue jeans is a surefire way to make sure you’re prepared for whatever the weather has in store. Color blocked stripes with pops of neon is an instant way to make this failproof pairing on-trend for 2019.

what to wear: the south

The South

Everything from dry heat and unbearable humidity spans across the southern states. When the temps reach into the hundreds, the last thing that you want to put on is something that clings and doesn’t breathe. A flowing dress crafted from either cotton or linen (both are great for hot climates) is a great solution for beating the heat. Make it modern with an eyelet lace trim and an ultra-sleek bag.

what to wear: midwest


Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we can definitely speak from experience when it comes to dressing for the midwest. Everything from the laid-back lifestyle to constantly fluctuating temperatures impacts our outfit inspiration. When it can drop 30 degrees in one day, it’s good to have layers on hand (even in the summer). A denim jacket and floral dress is a classic combo that we can always count on.

what to wear: east coast

East Coast

Everything from bustling NYC to peaceful beachside towns lines the east coast. Taking a stroll on the city streets or sandy shores calls for a look that does it all. Comfortable chinos in a coral hue will move with you no matter what you have on your agenda. Finish the look with a lightweight pullover sweater that you can easily throw on when you catch a cool breeze from the ocean.


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