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5 Fresh Ways to Style a Basic Tee

Post by Wantable Staff

We all love our go-to pieces, but sometimes it can be hard to think of new ways to incorporate the basics into an updated ensemble—especially when it’s so easy to default to the same outfits week after week. Today I’m taking on the basic tee and sharing five fresh ways to make a simple t-shirt more interesting this summer!

 Style a Basic Tee: Detailed Bottoms

1. Wear with Detailed Bottoms

And the winner for the best supporting role goes to….the basic tee! Whether you own a pair of awesomely-patterned pants, a scalloped skirt, or (in my case) fun buttoned denim, wearing a simple tee on top lets the interesting details of your bottoms shine. Draw attention to the true star of the show!

 Style a Basic Tee: Kimono

2. Elongate with Shorts and a Kimono

As a vertically challenged individual (though I prefer “fun-sized”), I take every opportunity to wear an outfit that visually elongates my body. Wearing a long kimono and high waisted shorts is a great way to highlight your legs, and a basic tee is the perfect under-layer. Knot your tee in the middle to take advantage of your leg-lengthening high waisted shorts.

 Style a Basic Tee: Athleisure

 3. Spice Up Your Athleisure Game

The beauty of athleisure is that it allows you to transition easily from the gym—to brunch—to the store. I like taking the opportunity to add a pop of color and unique details to an otherwise plain outfit, as I did here with this knotted purple tee. Pair with black leggings, comfy sneakers and you’re ready to take on the day’s errands.

 Style a basic Tee: Dress

 4. Layer Under Dresses

Layering a basic t-shirt under a sleeveless dress makes the outfit more playful and casual. Add a belt, scarf, or tie a shirt around your waist to accessorize an otherwise minimalist outfit.

 Style a Basic Tee: Jewelry

 5. Create a Canvas for Layered Jewelry

Plain tees are the perfect canvas for layering your favorite necklaces. Mix different colors, lengths, and styles to dress up your tee, and complete the rest of the outfit with simple pieces (like solid joggers and sandals) to avoid overwhelming the look.


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