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The Best Workout Clothes for Yoga

Post by Katie Reyes

Confession: I’m kind of a workout junkie. I love fitness in all its forms; I love moving my body, feeling energized, and who doesn’t love that glorious post-workout glow?! While weight training and cardio are an important part of any fitness routine, the flexibility, focus, and balance gained from a regular yoga practice are pretty incredible. If you’re just getting started or are dusting the cobwebs off your yoga mat, you’re going to need the right clothing that will move and stretch along with you. To give you a leg up, I’ve gathered some helpful tips for finding the best workout clothes for yoga.

best workout clothes for yoga

1. High-Waisted Bottoms

One thing I can’t stand is flashing my belly while I’m trying to focus on my flow. That’s why high-waisted leggings are the absolute best for yoga, making a wardrobe malfunction near impossible. They also support your center, providing a subtle reminder to keep your core engaged while you get your downward dog on.

best workout clothes for yoga

2. Loose, Flowy Tops

For me, the perfect yoga uniform is a pair of high-waisted leggings and a free-flowing top. They allow you to move freely and do your thing without feeling constricted. Yoga is uncomfortable enough without having to worry about your clothing. (The whole point is to get out of your comfort zone!) You can also play with knotting your looser tops to make each look your own.

 best workout clothes for yoga

3. Fun Pieces With Personality

Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement on your yoga mat. Even when I’m getting my zen on, I love wearing bright colors and fun prints to infuse a little extra energy into my practice. A motivational graphic tee is also a great way to remind you of your “why.” Strappy bras paired with open or cutout tops are also another favorite way to add interest to my outfit.

best workout clothes for yoga

4. Easy Transitional Styles

Post-yoga, I’m usually headed straight to my next errand or activity, so workout clothes that transition smoothly from the studio to the street are a must. Everyone needs a rotation of fashion-forward fitness pieces they can live in all day long. Because who actually changes out of their yoga pants?! Just throw on a baseball hat, shades, and a denim jacket and you’re ready to tackle your day. (Namaslay.)


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