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15 Best Bralettes That Will Make You Want to Break Up with Underwires

Post by Lauren Meidl

They’re soft, they’re airy, and they’ve been praised throughout the last few years for blending comfort and cuteness. You guessed it – today we’re going to give you the rundown on the best bralettes! There are so many kinds of bras on the market these days, but we cannot emphasize enough our love for the bralette trend.

Stay tuned to learn all about different types of bralettes, and read all the reasons why we love them!

  1. What is a Bralette? 
  2. How to Style a Bralette
  3. Best Lace Bralettes
  4. Best Halter Bralettes
  5. Most Comfortable Bralettes
  6. Best Bralette Set

What is a Bralette?

Real talk – the idea of sacrificing comfort for fashion is becoming majorly antiquated. By spending more time at home in the last couple of years, women everywhere have become accustomed to a certain level of loungy coziness. Enter: cute bralettes! Take the pieces you love most about t-shirt bras, lingerie, and sports bras, and you get the bralette. 

photo: @lizzie___lee 

How to Style A Bralette

Now that we know the benefits of them, how do we go about actually styling a bralette? The possibilities are endless, but we do have a few tried-and-true styles we love! 

  • With high-rise jeans + a button down top
  • With bike shorts for an athleisure aesthetic
  • Under your favorite cozy cardigan

photo: @savannalimotta 

Best Lace Bralettes 

If you love a romantic, girly piece of clothing, you’ll want to give a lace bralette a try! These look especially cute layered under a loose blouse or cardigan. Bonus points if the lace is buttery soft – you won’t want to take it off all day!

Best Halter Bralettes 

Halter bralettes are just as soft and comfortable as any others, but oftentimes can provide just a touch more support than a typical bralette. This shape can give a lift for your girls, and provides a super cute open back detail.

Most Comfortable Bralettes

We’ve already established that bralettes are just about the most comfy undergarments you can own, no question! Still, there are a few that rank above the rest in terms of fabric, feel, and fit! While we love the effortlessness of a bralette, it needs to have just the right touch of structure to be truly lounge-worthy. The key is to look for the softest fabrics, sewn to hug all the right curves.

photo: @jadelaurenm

Best Bralette Sets

If you’re lucky, your favorite bralette might even be a package deal! The only thing better than one cozy piece is two. Some of our favorite, coziest bralettes come with matching shorts or panties. These matching bralette sets are so versatile – they can be sexy, loungy, romantic, or anything in between!

photo: @samanthaporter__

If there was ever a time to throw your bra’s underwire out the window, now would be that time! No matter your style – sexy, romantic, playful, or comfortable – there is the perfect bralette just waiting for you. Bralettes are the most versatile piece that your closet didn’t even know it was missing, and we can remedy that by getting your Sleep & Body Edit started today! 


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