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Jewel Tone Colors: How To Style This 2022 Color Trend

Post by Lauren Meidl

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Are you looking to add a pop of vibrancy to your closet, but want to steer clear of bright neon hues? Get ready to learn all the ins-and-outs of jewel tone colors, your key to a deep, rich wardrobe.

No matter the time of year or occasion, this color trend can never go wrong! Keep scrolling for some simple tips on how to style jewel tone colors.

top photo: @thatcoleaffect

What are Jewel Tone Colors?

Jewel tone colors consist of shades drawn from all your fave gemstones. Historically, these special shades were reserved for royalty as a sign of wealth and power. Consequently, wearing them today can give off the ultimate regal energy (and let’s be real, you deserve to feel like royalty).

In the spirit of royalty & all that regal energy. Please make way for our stylists favorite jewel tones for 2022 and expert tips on how to work them into your wardrobe like the queen you are.

  1. Emerald Green
  2. Ruby Red
  3. Sapphire Blue
  4. Lapis Purple
  5. Midnight Blue
  6. Citrine Yellow

1. Emerald Green

Okay, The Wizard of Oz may have given audiences everywhere an unfair portrayal of this alluring shade. In actuality, emerald green is a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and deep relaxation. 

Pair your emerald piece with an ivory or brown neutral, as they match the earthy qualities that we love about this ultra nourishing and uplifting jewel tone. 

photo: @texan_belle

2. Ruby Red

Bold, elegant, and spiced – ruby red is the symbol of passion and desire. If you’re wanting a color that will quite literally exude power, look no further! Ruby red is the shade to help you feel your most confident.

While this color is extremely popular during the holidays, it’s actually a really easy one to rock year-round! Red and black pieces paired together are a ride-or-die duo, but it also looks great with a pop of bright white.

photo: @the_simple_mom

3. Sapphire Blue

Sapphire blue is an indulgent moody jewel tone color. It brings about all the cool, calm, and hopeful energy that you’ll want to get through even the rainiest of days. 

Sapphire blue pairs perfectly with a pair of dark wash jeans, or soft beige and grey tones. These neutrals add a pinch of creaminess to such a cool color.

photo: @rosiepatterson_

4. Lapis Purple

Remember how we mentioned jewel tones were a favorite amongst ancient royalty? We can thank Anne Bolelyn for bringing this dramatic shade of purple into popularity. Over 400 years have passed, and we still can’t get enough of this regal color!

Being such a dark color, lapis purple is the perfect jewel tone to mix and match textures with! Try treating yourself to a purple velvet or lace piece to add dimension to your look. You can pair it with crisp white accents, or brown layers to add a little warmth. 

photo: @savannalimotta

5. Midnight Blue

Midnight blue is a jewel tone that’s deeper than sapphire blue, and deeper than navy blue – but just a notch or two lighter than black! If you’re looking to feel timeless, sophisticated, and just the right amount of dreamy, midnight blue is for you. 

Silver-lovers, rejoice! Popping a piece of silver jewelry on with midnight blue clothing will add just a touch of shine, and compliment the darkness perfectly. It’s also the perfect jewel tone to color block with complementary shades, like emerald and ivory.

photo: @achanceofcharm

6. Citrine Yellow

Citrine yellow might be the jewel tone that most people are apprehensive about, but it’s actually super versatile and complimentary on anyone! Citrine is the staple color of health, clarity, and happiness. Think: a preppy, warm, brilliant aesthetic.

The key to citrine yellow is to let it shine on it’s own. While other jewel tones are perfect for a monochromatic look, this is one that can catch eyes all on it’s own. When in doubt, pair it with darker shades like black, grey, and navy.

photo: @collectivelyvalerie

Now that you know all there is to know about how to style jewel tone colors, only one question remains: which color are you going to try first? Lucky for you, there are enough days in the week to try each one of those luxe tones we’ve outlined above! 

Bonus: all of our Wantable stylists are experts at putting jewel tone looks together – it’s literally what we’re here for! Request your Style Edit today and leave a customized note for your stylist. We can’t wait to see you shine bright like a gemstone!


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