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Fall Color Trends: Red Hot Looks for Cool Weather

Post by Jenn Wang

When it comes to fall color trends, red is the ultimate power color. I mean, why else would two shades of red be included on the Fall 2018 Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report? Whether you’re more of a neutral palette type of gal or a lover of bold colors, I’ve got some great ideas for how to incorporate a scarlet shade or two into your wardrobe. Check out these red hot outfit ideas for fall!

Red Color Trend: Pops of Red

Beginner: Try Subtle Details

So maybe wearing bold colors isn’t how you roll. If you normally wear neutrals, try incorporating pieces with subtle touches of color. Adding little pops of red to your outfit is a great way to wear this fall color trend in a non-dramatic way.

Fall Color Trends: Red Accessories

Intermediate: Add Red Accessories

Whether you’re wearing red shoes, carrying a red purse, or sporting red earrings, accessorizing with one vibrant color will tie your ensemble into a cohesive look and make your accessories pop. Bonus points for wearing a bright red lipstick or nail polish!

Fall Color Trends: Red Statement Piece

Professional: Choose A Red Statement Piece

Take breezier red tops from summer to fall by layering under jackets and sweaters. Wearing a red statement piece is sure to keep you lookin’ red hot in the cool fall weather. Your statement piece doesn’t have to be a top – it could be red pants, wine-colored over-the-knee boots, you name it!

Fall Color Trends: Tonal Red Outfit

Expert: Go Tonal

Who says you can’t mix different shades of red in your fall color palette? Not me! For all you color-wearing experts out there, don’t hold back! Go all in and show off multiple shades of red or mix red prints into the same look. You can avoid looking too monochrome or too matchy-matchy by making sure your red pieces are completely different shades or textures.


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