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Fall Wardrobe Checklist: 10 Style Essentials

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It’s that time of year. September sneaks up as you slowly store away summer pieces to make room for fall favorites, and before you know it, you’re covering every inch of your home in pumpkin scented candles. To make sure your closet is as ready for the new season as you are, we’ve curated a fall wardrobe checklist with a full breakdown of all the style essentials you’ll need to easily update your look.

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Colored Denim

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Colored Denim

1. Colored Denim

Our favorite style muses have been spotted sporting almost every color of the rainbow, but we’re particularly in love with vibrant jewel tones and earthy hues. If you’re bored of blue, these versatile jeans are easy to pair with colors or neutrals and perfect for creating an outfit that works every day of the week.

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Ribbed Knits

2. Ribbed Knits

Consider this the foundation for your fall wardrobe. The added texture elevates an otherwise simple pullover without compromising comfort. Comfy yet lightweight enough for layering, they allow you to rework and restyle outfits both old and new.


 Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Frayed Hem Jeans

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Frayed Hem Jeans

3. Frayed Hem Jeans

With so many variations of this trend, you can choose the style that feels most comfortable to you. It can be as subtle as an unfinished hem, or as daring as full-on fringe. Take advantage of the ankle-baring length and pair them with a statement shoe.

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Drape Front

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Drape Front

4. Drape Front Silhouettes

Whether you’re dressing up for dinner and drinks, or winding down for movie night in, drape front cardigans and jackets are a highly sought out style this season. Cozy beyond compare, they’re ideal for layering. And, hey, if the group votes on a spooky flick, it’s a stylish piece to shield your eyes from the scary parts. Just saying…

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Braided Trims

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Braided Trims

5. Braided Trims

Not just for hair, small braids are weaving their way into our wardrobes in a big way. Give your arms a break from trying to achieve the perfect fishtail and try out this trend on a bag, jacket or pair of denim instead.

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Zipper Details

6. Zipper Details

Oversized zippers in random places are in our no-fly zone (sorry, Tragic Kingdom-era Gwen Stefani), but thoughtfully placed zippers in small doses bring a bit of cheek without going over-the-top. They fit right in with the utilitarian trend and add an instant update to our favorite blue jeans and blouses.

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Utility Jackets / Military Jackets

7. Utility Jackets

This outerwear essential will be on constant rotation given its ability to look both stylish and commanding at the same time. Adding this of-the-moment piece to your wardrobe will have you ready to join the army of trendsetters.

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Cargo Skinny Jeans

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Cargo Skinny Jeans

8. Cargo Skinny Jeans

While utility jackets are heavy hitters this season, skinny cargo jeans are arguably neck-in-neck. The combination of these two booming trends—military-inspired detailing and zippers—come together to create a statement-making pair of pants you can rock year ‘round.

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Suede Moto Jacket

9. Suede Moto Jackets

Leather jackets aren’t the only type of must-have moto this season. While it might be hard to part from our tried-and-true biker jacket (seriously, you may have to pry it out of our cold, dead hands), soft suede looks just as effortless and put-together.

Fall Wardrobe Checklist: Tunic Sweater Dress

10. Sweater Dresses & Tunic Sweaters

With the comfort of an oversized tee and the convenience of a one-and-done piece, a sweater dress or tunic sweater is the obvious solution for that in-between season closet conundrum. Transition these pieces by adding a pair of tights or elevated leggings. (You know we’re down for any opportunity to pass off leggings as pants.)

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