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How to Dress an Hourglass Body Shape

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Looking for tips to flatter your hourglass body shape? You’ve come to the right spot! One of the most common requests that Wantable stylists get is “Can you help me find pieces that flatter for my body shape?” And our resounding answer is, “We sure can!”

Read on for some of frequently asked questions and answers about how to dress for an hourglass body shape. 

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How do I know if I have an Hourglass Body Shape?

Trying to identify your body type can be one tricky task. Tape measures, celebrity photos, and mathematical equations are all a bit much if you ask us. To put it simply, you have an hourglass body shape if you have a well-defined waist, and your chest and hips are about the same width.

What are other common body shapes?

There are many different body shapes and we’ve got tips and tricks up our sleeves for all of them. In addition to the hourglass body shape, here are a few other common body shapes: 

  1. Inverted Triangle Body Shape
  2. Pear Body Shape
  3. Apple Body Shape
  4. Rectangle Body Shape

We also have lots of advice on how to dress for Petite Body Shapes and how to dress in your 40s.

What are the best tops to wear for an Hourglass Body Shape?

The name of the game here is playing up that curvy waistline, so tops with definition and structure work well for hourglass body shapes. You’ll find tops with seam details, wrap ties and peplum features very flattering. An adjustable tie is an added bonus as it allows you to adjust your top for your own personal comfort. 

image: @rhondajenkins

What are the best pants to wear for an Hourglass Body Shape?

Slim, straight trousers with a touch of stretch keep proportions balanced. Feel free to front-tuck your top for added emphasis on your killer waistline. To define your waist further, add a belt for a finishing touch.

image: @nikispender

What should I workout in if I have an Hourglass Body Shape?

High-waist leggings or joggers that hit at your natural waist are both flattering and comfortable. Show off your curvy hourglass body shape by pairing high-waisted bottoms with a crop-top tank or sports bra. (This Free People Crop Bra is a customer favorite!)

image: @nikispender

What are the best dresses for someone with an Hourglass Body Shape?

People with hourglass body shapes can never go wrong with a sleek wrap dress. You’ll also find jumpsuits and romper tie-waists very flattering.

image: @ajstyleblog

Are you ready to take your style game to the next level? A Wantable Stylist is on standby to help you dress for your hourglass body shape! 

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