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Neon Colors: How to Style the Biggest Trend of Summer 2019

Post by Jenn Wang

Neon is back! It may be decades since you last wore neon, but the vibrant colors of the past are making a comeback. Neon no longer needs to be a bold fashion choice—you can now find it all over the runway and in everyday streetwear. Whether you’re looking to sport subtle flashes of neon or be unabashedly bold, I’ve got some fun outfit ideas for you! Check out how to incorporate different levels of neon in your wardrobe without looking like a human glow stick.

neon colors: bright

1. Bright

If you’re not quite sold on being covered in neon, start with subtle pops of bright colors like neon accessories, makeup, or garments that show hints of neon. I absolutely love this pair of denim with the electric yellow stripes running down the seams. In fact, you can see me wearing them in this post I wrote about flattering a petite body type. Play around with color tones and pair with pastel tops and accessories for an unexpected twist.

neon colors: brighter

2. Brighter

Want to turn up the brightness level? Pick this neon orange top! Neon orange is one of the more subtle neon hues, so it’s a great color for those of you who are looking to stay right in between the toned down and bold levels of neon fashion. This top is super breezy for hot summer days and adds just enough brightness to fit with the summer trend without screaming neon. Wear with simple denim shorts and accessorize with a cognac crossbody to stay consistent with the warm color scheme.

neon colors: brightest

3. Brightest

You daring fashionista, you! Break out the lime green with this patterned button-down. Pairing neon hues with patterns is one of the boldest ways to stand out this summer. Wear your neon with white denim to really contrast the bright colors and make them pop in your ensemble. Accessorize with a neutral color like black to avoid distracting from the neon.


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