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The Best Accessories for Completing Your Wedding Guest Outfits

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Wedding season is upon us and you know what that means—save the dates decorate the fridge and RSVPs are constantly being sent out. As a guest, sometimes the biggest challenge is figuring out what to wear (especially with ambiguous dress codes—what is ‘garden dressy casual’, anyway?). And even once you’ve narrowed down your outfit, you’ll need the finishing touches to really pull your look together. With more than just clothing offered in our Style Edits, we have the perfect accessories to help you complete all of your wedding guest outfits. They’re the icing on the (wedding) cake!

wedding guest outfits: pearl earrings

Show Off Those Pearly Whites

You can never go wrong with pearls. Period. To make sure they’re a little more special than your everyday studs, go for a dramatic drop earring. The cluster of pearls feels both timeless and modern at the same time. Not to mention, having a go-to pearl earring will make it easy to complete all of your wedding guest outfits.

wedding guest outfits: clutch

Comin’ in Clutch

…literally. This clutch is a lifesaver when it comes to all things wedding related. The warm blush tone is our new favorite neutral and it will pair with any outfit you have in mind. The braided detailing across the front accented with gold hardware makes it feel elevated while its perfect handheld size will easily store all of the wedding day essentials.

wedding guest outfits: simple necklace

Sweet Simplicity

A simple necklace is the perfect finishing touch if you want your outfit to be the focal point. It adds just enough without distracting from any daring prints or bold embellishments yet still gives off the impression that every little detail was thought of from head to toe.

wedding guest outfits: statement necklace

Make a Statement

A statement necklace is a no-brainer if you are wearing something simple or need to dress a piece up a little bit. If you opt for a bold piece of jewelry like this one, keep the rest of your accessories minimal. With a necklace this great, you don’t need anything else!

wedding guest accessories: stud earrings

Tell Me About It, Stud

Don’t let their small size fool you—these eye-catching earrings make a big statement! Perfect for those who aren’t a huge fan of accessories, they’ll add instant wow-factor without straying from your personal style. If you want to take your accessorizing game to the next level, finish your look with stacked bracelets and a simple necklace.

wedding guest outfits: crossbody purse

Wave Your Hands in the Air

Like you just don’t care. You know that as soon as songs like the ‘YMCA’ or ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ starts playing, you’re going to want to dance your socks off. Case in point: you’ll need a purse that won’t stop you from showing off your skills. With a hands-free crossbody, you’ll have zero worries as you celebrate and dance the night away.


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