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What to Wear for Family Photos

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Say cheese—it’s family photo season! You’ve found your photographer, picked the perfect location, and now it’s time to decide what you and the rest of the fam will wear. Gone are the days of matchy-matchy outfits (a.k.a blue jeans and a white tee—boring) and overly-posed family photos. Nowadays, it’s all about candid captures, a complementary color palette and picking the perfect piece to build a cohesive look. We’re here with failproof outfit ideas to help you nail your camera-ready style.

family photos: plaid

The Palette

Blues, deep reds, creams, and chambray.

The Piece

Go for a button-up plaid. Plaid is a great way to incorporate a few different colors for the rest of the family to work with when selecting their outfits. Layer it under a utility jacket and pair it with jeans and finish your look with a boot. Want to dress it up a bit? Pair it with a skirt and tuck it in or tie it in a knot at the front.

The Pro-Tip

Instead of a small plaid print, opt for a large scale plaid. Larger prints and patterns pick up much better on camera! Also, don’t be afraid to get playful and mix and match patterns within the family. Plaid with polka-dots? Yes, please. Stripes with florals? You got it.

family photos: camo cardigan

The Palette

Olive green, charcoal, light grey, black, white, and forest green.

The Piece

Camo continues to be a trend through the Fall 2019 season, so this cardigan is a great choice to make a neutral color palette look modern and fresh. Keep the rest of your look classic and pair it with a simple tee and black denim. If the weather allows, you can make your look even cozier with a scarf or a beanie.

The Pro-Tip

You’re investing time and money into making these photos happen (and maybe even a bit of your sanity). It’s likely that they will be hanging up in your home for a long time. Keeping the number of trendy pieces to a minimum in your family photos will ensure they’ll remain timeless.

family photos: burnt colors

The Palette

Burnt orange, beige, cream, and tan.

The Piece

An easy way to make for eye-catching photos is choosing a statement color to focus on when building your ensemble. These colorful skinnies in a trendy burnt hue will make the rest of your outfit a breeze. Pair them with a neutral sweater or pick a print including the same color to really pull everything together.

The Pro-Tip

As odd as it may sound, think about how your home is decorated. You want these photos to be a part of your decorations as much as everything else. If you’re opting for a standout color in your family photos, think about how will it look with the rest of your home decor.


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