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The 5 Signs You *Might* Need a Personal Stylist

Post by Wantable Staff

Hey, we get it. Shopping isn’t for everyone. It’s inconvenient (hello, overcrowded malls), time-consuming, and can be quite overwhelming—like, try everything on and run away empty-handed, overwhelming. Lucky for you, Wantable has a team of super talented personal stylists (if we do say so ourselves) who are here to make shopping easy, exciting and enjoyable. Not sure it’s your thing? Here are the 5 signs you *might* need a personal stylist.

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1. You Don’t Have Time (or the Desire) to Shop:

By the time you drive to a shopping center, go on a stakeout for parking, browse through hundreds of products, and try everything on, shopping can turn into an hours-long endeavor. Whew, it’s exhausting just thinking about it. So it’s easy to see why one of the main reasons people make the switch to personal styling is convenience. Wantable sends Edits straight to your door meaning you get to try everything on in the comfort of your own home. No more scary salespeople or overwhelming crowds.

personal stylist: wantable fashion stylist

2. Your Clothes Don’t Fit Quite Right

Nobody wants to be jumping into their jeans (getting dressed should not be an exercise) or constantly adjusting their clothing throughout the day. Your clothes should feel comfortable all day long and help you to feel your absolute best. Our stylists are fit experts and will make sure the pieces in your Edit are fuss-free and fit you to a T. You’ll be shocked that someone you’ve never met in person can nail the right sizes. You’ll never have to tug, pull, or shimmy again. Trust us, it’s a wonderful feeling.

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3. You’re Tired of Looking Like Everyone Else in Town

We’ve all been there. You’re going about your daily routine when you run into an outfit twin. Dressed head-to-toe in almost the exact same outfit. Ugh—the worst. It can be hard to stand out if you and everyone else in town are heading to the same stores. With your very own personal stylist, you’ll receive pieces exclusive to Wantable along with other coveted brands to help you define your unique style. So you can say goodbye to #twinning and say hello to a totally personalized wardrobe.

personal stylist: wantable fashion stylist

4. You’ve Realized You’re Wearing the Same Clothes Over & Over

Imagine getting dressed in the morning. Does it look at little something like trying on 7 different outfits only to end up wearing your usual go-to’s? Don’t get us wrong—we love having a few fail-proof options in our closets. But if you’re struggling to get creative or step out of your comfort zone, our personal stylists can help you get there. With each Edit, your stylist provides outfit inspiration along with a few pieces you may have never thought to try on your own (but will quickly fall in love with).

personal stylist: wantable fashion stylist

5. You Want to Be Trendier But Don’t Know Where to Begin

When you’re scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, it’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll see a million influencer photos in ultra-fashionable outfits. The hard part is knowing how to take the trendy pieces they’re wearing and translate them into your day-to-day style. As much as we wish we could be on an Italian vacay every other week, it’s just not happening. Your stylist will sprinkle in must-have pieces in each Edit along with relatable tips & tricks from your stylist on how to wear them. Now get out there in your Insta-worthy outfits!


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