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How to Style a Blazer: Mastering Casual to Dressy Looks

Post by Morgan Panzenhagen

Not sure how to style a blazer for the office, a date, a girl’s dinner, etc.? Wantable’s expert stylist team has you covered! Keep reading for the best ways to style a blazer for all occasions.

Trust us, finding your blazer soulmate is a total wardrobe game-changer. In this style guide, we’re decoding the magic about how to style a blazer – what it is, how it should fit – and serving up some seriously stylish suggestions on how to rock one in or out of the office.

This is your roadmap to blazer brilliance, and we’re ready to show you that this closet staple is the key to unlocking endless outfit possibilities. Get ready to take notes, because your blazer is about to become your favorite part of your wardrobe!

A pink, white, and black plaid blazer paired with simple flare jeans. A great answer to the question how to style a blazer.
A striped long sleeve and jeans is a great answer to the question of how to style a blazer.

What Is a Blazer?

A blazer is the effortlessly chic cousin of the suit jacket, bringing a sophisticated vibe without the “strictly business” attitude. What makes it a closet must-have? Well, for starters, durability is its middle name – often made of strong yet breathable linen, cotton or cozy wool. Often featuring buttons and pockets, they aren’t just practical but ultra-stylish too. 

There are two main players in the blazer world – you’ve got single-breasted, where the jacket closes with one row of buttons, while a double-breasted blazer brings more flair with overlapping front panels and extra buttons. Lapels and sleeves play their part too, with options like notch, peak, shawl and full-length or rolled up. Colors? The palette is as diverse as your Insta feed. From muted tones to bold statements, there’s a blazer to match your mood. 

Blazers are the OG timeless pieces that can be as structured as your Monday morning meeting or as chill as your weekend plans. So, whether you’re conquering the workweek hustle or elevating your Sunday brunch look, a blazer is your stylish sidekick, promising a perfect mix of class and comfort.

If you're wondering how to style a blazer, try this look with a graphic tee and relaxed jeans.
A brushed BF blazer styled with a graphic tee and boyfriend jeans.

How Should a Blazer Fit?

Now, let’s talk fit – because when it comes to blazers, nailing the perfect fit is the key to fully learning how to style a blazer. The details that you should pay attention to when choosing one include the sleeves, lapels, shoulder seams, cut and hemline.

Sleeve Length

Your blazer sleeves should fall right between your wrist and thumb joint. Why this sweet spot? Well, it’s about that perfect balance – long enough to exude elegance, yet short enough to avoid drowning in fabric. The goal is to strike a spot where your sleeves seamlessly complement your hand movements, making your ensemble look curated and intentional.


Lapels, the front panels on your blazer, also play a role in how to style a blazer. They should sit snugly against your chest, covering about half of your breasts when buttoned. Minimal pulling or bunching is the goal here, though – your blazer should embrace you, not constrict you! While lapels might not have a huge impact on fit, they’re your chance to express your unique style. From angular notch and peak lapels to softer shawl lapels (or no lapels at all!) embrace a look that resonates with you.

Shoulder Seams

Well-positioned shoulder seams are the backbone of a great blazer. They should comfortably sit at the top of your shoulders, creating a line that complements your body shape. Here’s a test – raise your arms above your head. If the shoulders feel tight, consider sizing up. If the seam hangs off your shoulder when you’re standing straight, a smaller size might be the answer. This doesn’t have to be the rule though, as boyfriend blazers have a purposefully oversized look for a more relaxed feel. Achieving a perfect fit in the shoulders ensures a comfortable range of motion without sacrificing the structure that makes blazers iconic.


Cut defines your blazer’s overall look. They can have a straight, oversized cut for a relaxed feel, but if you’re aiming for a more feminine silhouette, try one that nips in at the waist. The tailored approach not only flatters your figure but also adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. Whether you’re heading to an office holiday party or a stylish night out, the right cut can transform your blazer from basic to bombshell.


Hemlines – the final touch that ties your blazer together. The sweet spot is right where your hips and legs meet. Though blazers can be cropped or oversized, with straight-cut or rounded hems, this versatile, go-to length complements a variety of body types and offers timeless appeal.

In mastering the art of how to style a blazer, it’s not just about conforming to trends – it’s about embracing the details that make it uniquely yours! So, next time you slip one on, pay attention to the sleeves, lapels, shoulders, cut and hemlines – because a well-fitted blazer is your ticket to zero-stress style.

A faux leather ruched sleeve blazer styled with a simple white tee and high waisted jeans.

How to Style a Blazer Casually

Blazers aren’t just for dressy occasions – they bring structure and style points to your daily outfits. Whether you love jeans and graphic tees or sweaters and trusty black leggings on your off days, we’ve got the perfect ways to pair them with your favorite blazers. Yes, it’s true – they can be worn at home in your everyday wardrobe!

Effortlessly Chic: Casual Blazer, Midi Skirt, or Dress

For laid-back yet fabulous days, pair a casual blazer with a midi skirt or midi dress. This preppy outfit combo is the epitome of cute-meets-breezy – the structured blazer complements the flowy silhouette of the bottom half, ensuring you look put together without sacrificing that easygoing charm. Easy on the eyes, light on the effort – this look is a style win for any casual event that calls for a dash of something special.

Weekend Cool: Oversized Blazer, Chunky Sweater, Relaxed Jeans

When the weather cools down, the boyfriend blazer steps up its game. Try it with a chunky pullover sweater and relaxed jeans! The oversized blazer adds structure while the sweater adds texture (and keeps you warm). Paired with relaxed jeans, this outfit is a cozy dream for cool-weather weekend plans or a laid-back coffee date.

Not sure how to style a blazer? Try this look with a boyfriend blazer styled casually over mom jeans.

Trendy Textures: Faux Leather Blazer, Basic Tee, Straight Leg Jeans

For the days when you want to embrace your inner trendsetter, opt for a faux leather blazer paired with a basic tee and straight-leg jeans! The faux leather brings the edge, while straight pants add a utilitarian-inspired feel. The key here is the mix of textures, which creates a dynamic and eye-catching “quiet luxury” look that easily transitions from day to night.

Off-Duty Chic: Casual Blazer, Graphic Tee, Jeans or Leggings

When the mood is off-duty yet chic, rock a casual blazer with graphic tees and jeans or leggings. It’s the everyday look that’s equal parts stylish and comfortable! The blazer is an unexpectedly edgy statement piece, but the tee keeps it relaxed. Paired with black jeans, you’re the epitome of off-duty cool. This ensemble is perfect for conquering errands, grabbing coffee with friends or simply unwinding in style. It’s proof that you can rock this look even on your most relaxed days.

Brown leather blazer styled simply with jeans.

When it comes to casual blazer styling, the key is playing on their interesting structures and prints, keeping things subtle but put together underneath. These outfits help you balance comfort and elevated details, ensuring you’re ready to turn heads wherever you go! From errands to Sunday resets, your everyday looks will be a testament to the power of a well-chosen casual blazer.

How to Dress Up With a Blazer

When the occasion calls for a dressier ‘fit, blazers have your back too (literally). From textured and classic to structured and trendy, here are four stylish ways to incorporate them into your professional and nightlife looks.

Monochrome Elegance: Printed Blazer, Black Top, Black Pants

For a timeless, no-stress look, consider a printed blazer with a black top and black jeans or trousers. Great for professional settings, the black-on-black says bold confidence, making it perfect for a high-stakes meeting or a dressier event. You can play around with patterns and colors when choosing a blazer. Stripes, bold florals and classic neutrals are versatile choices and prove that sometimes simplicity is the key to stunning style.

Velvet Vibes: Velvet Blazer, Bold Layers, Knee-Length Skirt

Break away from the stereotypical office look by layering a velvet blazer with a colorful top and a flattering knee-length skirt! This combo mixes personality and luxurious textures, showcasing your unique taste while maintaining a dressy feel. It’s a delightful departure from the conventional, perfect for nights out, dates or business events. Adding a touch of playfulness to your dressy outfits is always a good idea.

Trendy Tailoring: Matching Blazer and High-Waisted Trousers

Enter the world of trendy tailoring with a matching blazer and high-waisted trousers! Matching or tonal colors between the jacket and pants keep things put together, but feel free to experiment with fun colors for your first layer. This look gives a modern twist to traditional suiting – the blazer emphasizes the waist while high-rise pants elongate the legs. It’s a preppy look that goes from meetings to networking events, ensuring you stand out with confidence. 

A boyfriend blazer in plaid styled with black trousers and sneakers.

Plaid Perfection: Plaid Blazer, Silky Midi Skirt or Bootcut Jeans

When you want to embrace multiple textures and interesting silhouettes, pair a plaid blazer with a silky midi skirt or bootcut jeans. The plaid blazer adds structure up top while the swish of the skirt or the flared jean leg keep things breezy. Contrasting textures create an eye-catching combo! Whether you’re attending an event or stepping out for an evening, this outfit plays with shapes and fabrics to ensure you’re the best dressed (and most comfortable).

A pink, white, and black plaid blazer paired with simple flare jeans. A great answer to the question how to style a blazer.

For a polished and professional appearance with a blazer, emphasize sophisticated cuts, refined textures and timeless prints. Infuse a touch of your personality by incorporating graphic tops or trendy pant styles! Whether you’re in the boardroom or heading to happy hour, you and your blazer will exude confidence and comfort, ready to conquer any occasion.

The Edit: How to Style a Blazer

The perfect blazer holds the potential to transform any outfit into an elevated statement. Whether you’re hustling through the workweek, stepping into the spotlight at a special event or spending slow afternoons with friends, let blazers be the cornerstone of your closet. Embrace the details and get ready to make them a favorite part of your style evolution!

Not sure which look you want to try first? Our expert personal stylists can help you find the perfect blazer and coordinating looks that fit your body type, budget and style preferences so you can get to rocking one ASAP.

A plaid blazer styled with dark skinny jeans and a simple tee.
Plaid blazer styled with skinny jeans, sneakers, and a graphic t-shirt.


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